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I'm twenty-two and have been writing on and off for ten years (although mostly 'off'.) I'm studying Social Sciences through the Open University and have a mild addiction to Polo Mints.

It's on Private. It's staying there.

My favourite Authonomy writers/books include: Siv Nilsen's 'Saga' and Jenni James' 'The Northanger Affect' - so anybody wanting their name up in lights like theirs, you now know what you have to do.

favourite books

I love the work of Kurt Vonnegut, for its sheer ingenuity.

I love Hunter S. Thompson for his language.

I love the poems of Allen Ginsberg and I don't need a reason.

I love Salinger's voice, and Fitzgerald's eye and Steinbeck's rasping detail.

I love Chabon's sense of humour and Bukowski's horrid realism.

Mix and Match those factors and you have the recipe for my perfect book.

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I wrote 1740 days ago

You're certainly a product of your influences. You have a strong narrative driven along by a stronger voice (I'm thinking Holden Caulfield & Tyler Durden redux.) It's engaging stuff. If I had to have a gripe with what you have here, I'd have to pick up on your use of Barry Bonds & Brett Favre, to... view book

I wrote 1800 days ago

MAT, There is very little I could say that hasn't been said already in one form of critiquing or another. So, I shall entirely avoid critiquing it. I've read your first two chapters and they drew me in quickly, with understandable problems and easily accessible dilemmas that are conveyed both... view book

I wrote 1802 days ago

I've discovered if you get up at 5am, you get a whole heck of a lot done! I have the first six chapters and, I'm slightly surprised to say I like it, a lot. Please don't take offense to that, it's just, not a genre that I've never given much time to. However, in the opening chapter, you establ... view book

I wrote 1803 days ago

I found myself reading this a lot sooner than I expected. Of what I've read so far, you are clearly invested in the story you're telling. You paint vivid pictures with your words, describing the plight both indirectly with images of persecution, and directly with descriptions of daily life in Um... view book

I wrote 1804 days ago

I've read the first chapter as quickly as it feels it took you to write it. It flows like nothing I've read on Planet Authonomy, and like very little I've read in the real world. I'm really rather taken by it. I'm afraid I haven't the time to continue tonight, but you can be sure I'll be checkin... view book

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