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Have been writing for several years. This is my first work in fiction. Was a local columnist for a couple of years - quite challenging!
Am having to live life as a caregiver, so please wait patiently for a reply. I will answer as best and as soon as I can.

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Holy War by John Bunyon
Chronicles of Narnia by C. S. Lewis

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Iniquity Shall Abound

Michael Chambers

Novel set in the present, describing the rapture of the church and the perils which will take place on Earth for seven years.

This work centers on the political aspects of life on Earth during the Tribulation. Many thoughts from scripture are taken literally.
What if the prophecies of Revelation were to literally come true?
What if an image of "the Beast" would really come to life??
What if mankind actually finds himself on the battlefield of Armageddon, and Jesus Christ really does return ater
all these centuries???

Read, "Iniquity Shall Abound", .....and find out!


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EBUE wrote 210 days ago

hello my dear' my name is JULLIET EBUE ,i saw your profile....

Eponymous Rox wrote 952 days ago

Hullo there, again. My book's on the Ed's Desk this month and, bec....

JohnDoe wrote 979 days ago

Michael, It's great of you to still have Lunatic on your shelf. I ....

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Hullo there. I'm still a reader on this site scouting for new authors....

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I wrote 1325 days ago

Angel, Your pitch is good, really good. Since I believe Christians should support Christians, I have backed your book. I hope you reach many people with your work! Michael Iniquity Shall Abound view book

I wrote 1325 days ago

Jerry, Liked your pitch, and the fact that proceeds of any sales (hope it sells like h-o-t-c-a-k-e-s!) will go toward animal welfare. Have backed it, and hope to look at it in the near future. Having computer problems!!!!! Aaaarrrrggggggg!!!!!!! Michael Iniquity Shall Abound view book

I wrote 1328 days ago

I really like your dedication list, espcially the First One! I believe all gifts and talents come from God, and I like to see Him acknowledged!. Since Christians need to support Christians, I am backing your book. I wish you sucess in your endevours ( and may you spell better than I do! haha). Mi... view book

I wrote 1328 days ago

Hello Elizabeth, Thank you for the kind words for "Iniquity Shall Abound"! I have backed your book, as I believe it is really well written. Hope to see you at the TOP of the list soon! Michael view book

I wrote 1331 days ago

Thank you for checking out "Iniquity Shall Abound"! I have backed your book and wish you every sucess! Michael view book

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