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First things first:

DO NOT ask me to back your book. I won't. If you want a review, keep reading to see how you can get one.

Now, onto fun stuff!

I have a B.A Hons. in Near Eastern Archaeology and Medieval studies. I am also a member of Delta Gamma women's fraternity.

I'm currently working on the sequel of 'Revealing the Revolution' and am uploading it as I finish each chapter. You can read it here as 'Chasing the Underground.' I try to explain as much as possible in the first little bit so you don't need to read the first book, but it may make a bit more sense if you read the LP for the first book.

I recently uploaded a memoir titled 'M(eye) Story' which deals with my life as I live with chronic diseases. Too many people take their health for granted. Hopefully this book can be one of the books to change that.

Other than those in my list, I'm currently NOT doing reviews outside of the SF42 group. Of course, I don't mind comments on any of my books but don't leave a comment so that I'll review your book.

People I'm currently swapping with/owe reads:

I'm part of the Science Fiction (SF42) critique group, which I highly recommend to those who want indepth reviews.

favourite books

Wuthering Heights - Ellis Bell/Emily Bronte
The Abhorsen Trilogy - Garth Nix
The Lovely Bones - Alice Sebold
The Firebird Trilogy - Kathy Tyers
War and Peace - Leo Tolstoy (because sometimes flowery writing with too much description is good)
The Boy in the Striped Pajamas - John Boyne

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my books

Revealing the Revolution

Nichole S. with Ben M.

One secret is all that stands between victory in the Canadian Scanning Tournament and the destruction of the company that created it.

In the tenth year of the Canadian Scanning Tournament – an adventure sport which consists of physically demanding and dangerous obstacle challenges, and scanning genetic codes of animals to use in the challenges – team Revolution is set to finally become the National champion.

But one teammate has more than just the responsibility of winning. He must keep a dangerous secret while protecting his team from others in the Underground, a sub-culture which creates black market products, substances, and uncontrollable computer chips; items which are illegal in North America; a sub-culture which quickly emerged after the creation of AIMs.

Not fully robotic, Artificial Intelligence Morphers (AIMs) consist of a gel-like biological substance which can take the form of any animal, powered by a highly advanced computer chip and controlled by a device which is also used to scan genetic codes of animals.

Slowly, things slip out of control as sabotage threatens his team’s chance at winning the tournament, his career in the CST he worked his entire life to build, and the revealing of the secret which could change Scanning and the multi-billion dollar company that created it, forever.


Chasing the Underground

Nichole S

After creating the perfect Artificial Intelligence Morpher, Cam is running for his life. But the McCarthys are everywhere, and see everyone.

Sequel to: Revealing the Revolution

One year after quitting the Canadian Scanning Tournament and the death of his daughter, Cam Tylar is ready. When Artificial Intelligence Morphers (AIMs) were created twenty years earlier, the scientists found a dangerous flaw in the substance and chip coding which allowed AIMs to become animalistic. Underground scientists finally created a chip which will always remain under Asimov's laws, and Cam has successfully trained it.

But the founders of Scanning, the McCarthys, are not happy. If the public found out they were selling potentially dangerous AIMs it would ruin the sport, Scanning, and their reputation.

After resigning from Revolution, Maria Kier joined the Canadian Army as an AIM Operations Technician. Following an attempt on her life she sought out Cam for answers, not knowing he was looking for the same thing.

Now Cam and the Underground must find a way to bring the new AIM into the mainstream, and keep their lives, while Maria uses her connections in the military in an attempt to finally bring down the McCarthys.


M(eye) Story

Nichole S

Diseases are for normal people. It can happen to everyone. This is my story to spread awareness that diseases don't pick and choose.

This is the story of my life. I have chronic diseases, which mean that every day I live with three diseases. They're the roommates who came far too early, and have no way of leaving. This is the story of how I'm living with Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis, Iritis, and Glaucoma, and have been for eighteen years and counting.

I want people to know that these diseases are not just for elderly people. I want people to take their health seriously, and to make sure they go to regular check-ups.

If only my family doctor had caught my eye disease sooner. I wouldn't be blind in my left eye. But I can't live in a world of "what if?" I want to make sure that no one has to.

This is my on-going story.


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