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I am now aged thirty one and have just uploaded my book. In fact it feels like I have just uploaded my heart. I have put my soul into this book and am very proud of myself.

I left school at an early age (thats another book...one day) with no exams and everything I have learned has been self taught, I suffer from Dyslexia so forgive me if the spelling or punctuation is not perfect.

However I can guarantree imy book will make you laugh and cry and possibly experience both these emotions at the same time, which can be very exhilarating. So give it a try and your definitely be inspired, ENJOY!

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Praying for a Miracle

Amanda Elliott

Why would she want to ruin her size ten figure anyway?

Amanda has been embarking on the long journey of trying to become a mummy for over ten years now. For most couples this happens very naturally and consists of a lot of bedroom fun, but for women like Amanda it can sometimes be the complete opposite. Coming from a large close family Amanda is surounded by children, and it hurts.

Read her day to day personal diary as she embarks on an IVF and ICSI treatment. The ups and downs and her raw emotions are written in detail. See how she copes with some very strange side effects from the daily injections of the very harsh drugs needed. Watch her go through the menopause in a month instead of five years.

Unite with her, feel her pain, share her tears but also enjoy the excitement and love she felt along the way on the rollercoaster, personal and very intimate journey. The waves of hope and strength that Amanda grabs hold of to achieve her dream will amaze you, and the love of her soul mate, her kind supportive, dependable husband who kept her sane is a love story in itself, but remember when you are desperate you will do anything.


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Tim Waters wrote 77 days ago

Amanda, three years ago I submitted my book "The Water Works of Clear....

tim templer wrote 349 days ago

Thanks for the backing Amanda, i sincerely appreciate your support. I....

YvonneMarjot wrote 350 days ago

Hello Amanda, thanks for backing Dancing in the Rain. I feel quite h....

Grace Lyssett wrote 382 days ago

Hi Amanda, Have you seen The new Harper True Life Group? You will fi....

lilian wrote 513 days ago

HELLO How are you today, I hope all is well with you. I am sorry to ....

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I wrote 350 days ago

Backed x x x view book

I wrote 350 days ago

Backed.............well done (praying for a miracle) x x x view book

I wrote 1108 days ago

Thank you so much for taking the time to read my book and for commenting too. Really do appreciate it. Im so glad you felt the emotions and also enjoyed the humour.....if we didn't laugh at time we would have started crying and not stopped. Thanks so much once again and I hope you do find the time t... view book

I wrote 1118 days ago

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I wrote 1118 days ago

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