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My career centres on writing non-fiction, my desire is to write fiction and use my writing skills for God's glory.

I will read from most genres but please don't ask me to read work thick with rude language, sexual encounters, vampires or other topics obviously outside of my Christian values.

In my spare time I teach fiction writing so can provide feedback on the craft if you wish for such a critique. My pet hates are weak modifiers and tedious dialogue.

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Fly Away Peter
The Book Thief
Laughing for Beginners
Catcher in the Rye
To Kill a Mockingbird

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Three Red Seeds

E Maclean

Jade StJohn's "to do" list: terminate pregnancy and save billion dollar mining project, or should that be save the pregnancy and terminate the mining project?

Three Red Seeds immerses readers in the red dust of remote outback Western Australia and the 40,000 year old indigenous culture as they follow protagonist Jade St John for one hectic week.

Jade is a white woman equipped with the insensitivity and professional savvy necessary to do a tough job in the mining industry but this week’s challenges push her beyond the limits of physical and emotional endurance.

Using an ancient Australian bush remedy to bring on miscarriage Jade swallows three red seeds before enduring a six day wait for them to take effect. Through a series of events her dogged determination to end the unwanted pregnancy begins to wane. Anxiety and tension rise as Jade reassesses her life plan.

The manuscript explores issues surrounding career versus motherhood common to working women across the globe. What makes this narrative unique is the key role Australian indigenous elders play in influencing the tertiary educated white woman’s opinions. Throughout the week they impart their wisdom by stealthily orchestrating situations for Jade to learn important life lessons.

Use of close third POV keeps protagonist and reader guessing to the very last paragraph.


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( My name is rafica i saw your profile toda....

ndayery wrote 888 days ago

( My name is rafica i saw your profile toda....

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( My name is rafica i saw your profile toda....

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I wrote 1270 days ago

There are lots of typos that need to come out in the next edit (3 in the opening paragraph alone). It's too hard to do a line edit here but if you want help message me. The tpoic is interesting and often glossed over in passing so your book is a great resource. There are a few phrases that bothered ... view book

I wrote 1271 days ago

Your writing style reminds me of Zusack -- if you're not familiar with the Aussie author I mean it as a great compliment. The book yours reminds me of is The Messenger -- same pace and gritty characteristics. Backed by E. view book

I wrote 1281 days ago

The pitch was appealing so I came to read. I am so pleased I did and have plenty of things to ponder now. Blessings, - E view book

I wrote 1281 days ago

What I want to know is: Are you Nick? Backed by E. view book

I wrote 1281 days ago

For years I have combed the shelves of Christian bookshops. I have never come across anything covering this topic. Its presence of the shelves will be a blessing for countless people enduring a battle with the bulge. Backed by E. view book

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