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I graduated with a master’s degree in English and Critical Theory from Pepperdine University, Malibu, where I also worked for several years as a Humanities Discussion Leader and a Writing Center Tutor. Then, while pursuing my writing, I worked at a video store that specialized in out-of-print, hard-to-find, art house, and adult films. I’ve even worked for the Catholic church, but that’s another novel.

I like genre fiction, but even here I tend to interject social commentary and critique. I once quipped to a friend that the best novel for me would be a series of Platonic dialogs (relating to contemporary social issues), liberally interspersed with subversive pornography. Without loss of character and story. I’m still fumbling my way toward this literary ideal.

favourite books

The Dictionary of the Khazars, Against the Day, The Unfortunates, The Alexandria Quartet, The Pyramid, The Folding Star, His Dark Materials, Georgette Heyer, Charles Dickens, William Golding

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http://www.smashwords.com/profile/view/Marchpane     http://www.amazon.com/-/e/B005O0CXW4

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my books

Elixir of Death

Paul Dyer

An old monk holds the key to a horrific government secret about a town in the grip of evil.

“Elixir is a place,” Laura murmured, “of unspeakable joy and unspeakable evil, and the journeys we can’t avoid taking between them.”

Highschool English teacher Darin Hartley becomes fascinated with one of his students, Laura Whitcomb, a girl with a tragic and violent past. When he agrees to read the first chapter of a novel she’s written, he doesn’t realize those few pages will shake his life to its core and introduce him to the nightmarish town of Elixir, a place certain government operatives don’t want him asking any questions about. Yet even if Elixir is no longer on any conventional map, Darin has to find and enter it, because it holds the secret to the restoration of his sanity and his happiness.


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I wrote 642 days ago

HCG Review (sorry for the delay): This is a thoroughly well-written book; diegetic rather than mimetic, but what of that? The narrative flows off the page and into the readers head with all the grace of a campfire yarn in the hands of a seasoned prophet. The pace is near perfect. Just as I fel... view book

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This is a thoroughly engaging and well-written work and though the supernatural elements haven’t kicked in, yet, as far as I’ve read, the build-up has all the quality and promise of a good X-Files episode; and that, from me, is high praise. I love the three interwoven stories and can’t wait to see ... view book

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Just LOVE it. Hilarious. A kindred writerly spirit who splashes around in the English language like a child in a puddle, making dirt and rainbows. Suspiciously Dickensian. And the last time I said that, I was responding to Leon Garfield’s conclusion to “The Mystery of Edwin Drood.” view book

I wrote 697 days ago

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