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I will always return reads, first and random chapter at least, and back what I feel is deserving. Comments will follow if I think I have anything constructive to say.

As for me? I most enjoy writing and painting - the puzzle solving challenge of each new canvas or blank page. I paint pictures with orange skies and purple trees or people unaware of my prying eyes and write stories that explore the recesses of their character's minds-in a casual way. I also own a little bar called Kahale Beach Club in Kihei on the southern coast of Maui where I can take refreshment and watch the whales play. Drop by and say hello next time you're in town.

Maui has been home since I came to Hawaii by chance in the summer of nineteen seventy eight. One perk I have as an artist and writer is I can survive in one place about as well as any other, so why not wake up to a pleasant day?

Occasionally my friends lounge in the shade of five palms that line the grassy knoll at the beach of Keawakapu - the Hawaiian word for forbidden harbor according to my bartender, Kimo Kuaana. They sip mai-tais and gin as they prattle on about this and that.
Sometimes I join them, but you are more likely to find me in my studio a block away readying paintings for show or writing whatever comes to mind, and that's okay with me.

The avatar for my profile is from my 36"x42" acrylic painting, "A Day on Keawakapu". The image for 'Another Christmas Tale' is from my painting 'Sante', an acrylic on canvas measuring 42"x52". Both paintings and museum quality giclee prints along with many other works can be seen on my website
Graphic for 'Einstein's Road Trip' is by my good friend and Maui's premier pop artist, Davo.

favourite books

The 158 Pound Marriage, Maximum Bob, Tishomingo Blues, Blue Beard and so on.

my websites

http://www.brinnerart.com     http://www.brinnerart.com/bigoscar

HarperCollins is not responsible for the content of external internet sites.

my books

Einstein's Road Trip - Winslow....

G. Rodgers Brinner

An artist and Albert Einstein take a magical trip through space-time in their cabby's stick shift Chevrolet.

Maui artist, Gille Barker, his Hopi Indian driver, and an illusory Albert Einstein are chased by a psychotic killer as they race across the deserts and bayous from Winslow Arizona to New Orleans’ French Quarter in quest of life's design and a satchel’s mysterious contents.

Gille's sanity comes to question while he seamlessly travels from present to past and into the future. Are his strange encounters and selective omniscience only in his imaginings and dreams? Maybe so; Gille has grappled with these questions for thirty years, since two nights before his eighth Christmas, when a visitor from the planet Zargon walked through his bedroom wall and told him the true reason for life, why there are dogs and cats and fish in the sea, and that fate is his only guide.

"A surreal journey by a likable eccentric. It has everything, zero fields, aliens, mystery, witchery---Magic is in the air."

Numerous revisions have been made since Einstein's Road Trip was named a finalist in the Faulkner/Wisdom Creative Writing Competition.

Offbeat literary fiction/magical realism, Road Trip is complete at 88,600 words.


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I wrote 661 days ago

Liz - Excellent short and long pitch - I really like the premise and what I've read so far is well done. Since this is supposed to be constructive criticism, I feel I should mention a couple of issues I have that occur early on. 'Madelyn Henry was in a fine pickle, indeed.' A cliche like 'fine pic... view book

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The Man Who Painted Agnieszka's Shoes - A couple of minor league grammatical and editing errors have been pointed out to you long ago in this original and well done work, but you have not made changes here. I'm assuming you have made the corrections in your manuscript, but haven't revised it on aut... view book

I wrote 870 days ago

Iva - Well done. Your style hits that middle cord I enjoy reading; well wound, but not too tight. Excellent dialogue and characters ring true. I do think you could do away with at least half the exclamation points and there are a few unnecessary uses of "that" in what I read. I think their removal w... view book

I wrote 957 days ago

Karen - The premise of 'Time Squared' is interestingly and well explained in your pitch. I like this enough to give it some time on my shelf, but I do think the opening is a little awkward. I see that has been mentioned by others. Occasional wordiness might be part of the problem. [ Kelvin Gunter h... view book

I wrote 995 days ago

The Town that Danced. Short pitch and opening chapter are excellent. For some reason, that is all I'm able to access, but that's enough to know this should be on my shelf. I'll try again in a few days to see if I can get into the other chapters before making comments. G. 'Einstein's Road Trip' an... view book

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