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Since childhood I have always had my head buried in various books. I love literature in several forms and my favouite types are conspiracy and action. After seventeen years of reading I decided to start writing, finally after a years work on my novel the Sacred Pool I finally finished it after my 18th birthday and decided to upload it to see what happened. I'm from the steel city of Sheffield and am currently studying for my degree in History at Huddersfield University .

If the extract of my book intrigues/ interests you it is available to download on amazon http://www.amazon.co.uk/The-sacred-pool-ebook/dp/B0091XN5Q8/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1346539835&sr=8-1

Even though I am currently working on a follow-up novel it may be a while before it gets much attention as I am currently working on my dissertation so it won't recieve the attention I would like to dedicate to it

Many thanks to Joe Mercer for the cover art, incidently his book Blackwater is a great read and well worth backing

favourite books

Dan Brown- angels and demons
Chris Kuzneski- sign of the cross
Sam Bourne- the righteous men
Clive Cussler- sahara

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my books

The Sacred Pool

Laurence Brammer

When a mysterious stone is discovered in a Peruvian archaeological site nobody could perceive the power lurking within or the damage it could cause.

In AD 290 Roman legions consume a Celtic village and steal a group of twelve stones. On the way back to Rome they are attacked and the stones are scattered. After centuries, the Lucian stones had become myth. That was until one of the elusive stones was found in an archaeological dig site in Peru. Professor Barnes was called in to verify the discovery but from that moment he is embroiled in a world of deceit, death and power. When a series of bodies are found around Venice, Detective Julia Angetti is called in to put the pieces together but she couldn't anticipate the dangerous people she was about to pursue. If Professor Barnes doesn't solve the mystery of the stones with help from Julia Angetti his life may be forfeit along with a more catastrophic finale. Can he do it before time runs out? Power, intrigue, mystery and a dangerous finale contribute to the overall complexion of the book. (the full book is available on Amazon e-books)


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I wrote 1386 days ago

The first paragraph is so powerful it makes the reader continue, rightfully so. Your work is brilliant with great characters such as jack who is clearly tormented by mental pictures which gives him an excellent depth which reflects the quality of your writing perfectly. I am glad I was able to read ... view book

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This is a brilliant work which is gripping from the start with an intriging plot. The characters are strong but in the statement "Detective john Thomas…yeah, yeah funny name and he knew it" the part between his name and saying he was looking at the corpse as well isn't required as it doesn't add any... view book

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This is a brilliantly orchestrated story that grips the reader intensly. You have created large amounts of suspense in the first chapter by giving the reader a small insight into the story by revealing a tantalizing thread with the newspaper article and the suspicious. However while I am talking abo... view book

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