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My name is Luset. I'm a freelance journalist, an entrepreneur since the age of 23, and a former editor-in-chief of three internationally distributed lifestyle publications--City Plus Travel, IST Beyond Your Expectations, and NYC Food & Mood.

"Ambition and laziness have two things in common: they both stir intangible feelings and trigger bitter memories that we’ve been hiding away for years."
Wen Bao Zhu

favourite books

Hills Like White Elephants by Ernest Hemingway
The Godfather by Mario Puzo
79 Park Avenue by Harold Robbins
The Alchemist by Paolo Coelho
Life of Pi by Yann Martel
Lovers and Gamblers by Jackie Collins

my websites

http://www.lucettecohenfins.com     http://www.youtube.com/10DeepFootprints

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my books

Ten Deep Footprints

Luset Kohen Fins

Internationally famous talk-show host Chloe Franklin is worried about her show's declining ratings. An artful idea inspires her to shift the program’s fate...

Based on the importance of 'coincidence', ‘self-confidence’ and 'powerful connections' in life, this is the story of four people who are invited to Retro-Rate, a popular late-night talk show, hosted by Chloe Franklin. Actually, they all knew each other and have all met her seven years ago in 2013 when she was a novice model seeking favorable connections to become a TV personality.

And now, in 2020, Chloe has it all, but needs an original idea to boost the ratings of Retro-Rate. Upon the unexpected death of Wen Bao Zhu, a worldwide known self-help guru and the founder of the widely-popular mysticism movement Zhuism, she takes a risk, and sends an e-mail to these four people who had intentionally or unintentionally influenced her success in the past.


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Glacis wrote 2 days ago

Hi LCF. I'd interested to hear your view on my book The City Gyms.....

Kenneth Edward Lim wrote 10 days ago

Lucette, Just so you know, "The North Korean" can be found in its fu....

sherit wrote 25 days ago

Of course we must keep in touch. You're one of my heroes! I'm going ....

Sandeep Jayaram wrote 25 days ago

Thank you so very very much. I wait with bated breath.

Sandeep Jayaram wrote 26 days ago

Dear Lucette, After more than a year of sleepless nights and sleepy ....

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I wrote 142 days ago

Hi Steve, I only read the first chapter to have an idea of your style in general, and I am totally positive that your book has all the necessary ingredients of a quality novel. First impressions are everything at this point... I wish you all the best. 6 stars and in my Watch List. Luset Te... view book

I wrote 151 days ago

Dear Ed, I only read the first two chapters of SUCKER PUNCH and loved your descriptions, first-person voice and the concept in general. The humor is cleverly applied, thanks to your one-of-a-kind writing style which drew me in from the very start. 6 well-deserved stars and in my Watch List, S... view book

I wrote 153 days ago

Wow, what a great first chapter! I'm impressed with your sense of creating a scene and the beginning is quite original. The dialogue parts are realistic and I liked the way you described the tone of the novel from the beginning. I look forward to reading more when I have the chance. 6 stars and i... view book

I wrote 219 days ago

Hi Alan, I read the first two chapters of The Silver Wolf and I think your first person voice works... The beginning is dynamic and drew me in immediately. Please correct; Chapter 2 (very close to the end) A steaming (a) cup of tea.... Your poetic style and the clear tone of your prose defi... view book

I wrote 231 days ago

Hi Dominique, Your book is fascinating, the way you explain feelings and sensations got me from the first page. This is so overwhelming. I'm truly impressed... Backed with pleasure. Six stars. Best wishes, Luset view book

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