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Aspiring writer. I like to free associate when I write. Trust in my mind to create. I can be bad tempered, belligerent, gentle and thoughtful. From a conformist, traditionalist, conspiratorial point of view I am probably insane. Love to hear from you all, about anything - especially high praise for my book It Gets Worse. I have to apologise for a lapse in my promises to read lately. I am slowly working through books. Due to unusually challenging personal circumstances I have been busy getting drunk. Drunk and reading aren't good bed fellows. Sorry.

favourite books

Regeneration trilogy.
I am (Shock horror!) a fan of psychoanalysis (modern) Bionian, Millerian, Gruenian amongst others (Dunno if adding ian makes it proper :-/) Most of my book shelf is books about this interest. I have Nietzsche, umm that's about it. I keep meaning to buy more books but have so much I want to do money gets syphoned off elsewhere!

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It Gets Worse

Brian Tidbury

Black and white thinking,scathing unscalable dividing lines,the word love often superimposed over acts of violence,and a distinct lack of sanity,what the bloody hell went wrong?!

A path originating deep in the primitive implicit memories of denied hell is blindly followed by minds without anchors.Soulless entities predicated within a reality where abstraction equates to survival, slaughter every semblance of polychromatic experience in favour of the sepia toned necropolis of ancestors. The only wish of the Zombie- denizens populating this necropolis is to reach a God like state of death, all in the services of securing love. Until, one day, the soul protested. Heaven is exposed as Hell. Escape is the only hope.


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I wrote 657 days ago

How could I possibly be calling you names for such a honest comment. Thank you Maria. Sincerely. view book

I wrote 704 days ago

An open and honest account of a hideously traumatic childhood and the inevitable recycling of trauma in adulthood. I was saddened father was forgiven, almost excused, in the end. view book

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