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I am an Indie writer from Swansea. Even though I have some books published on Amazon's KDP programme, I write because I like to entertain, not just for the money. I have been a voracious reader since my formative years, so I suppose as the years pass me by it was inevitable that I would turn my hand to the written word. Am I any good? Some say I am, only those who read my work can truly answer that. I know my work will never fit into high brow literary circles but if I can make a few people say I enjoyed that, well that'll do for me.

The only thing for a writer

is to be himself

and take the consequences.

favourite books

Anything by-Robert Ludlum,David Morrell,Stephen King,Eric van Lustbader,Brian Lumley plus many more to numerous to mention.

my websites

http://andyscorah.blogspot.co.uk/2012/05/eastern-f     https://www.facebook.com/HomecomingBlues

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my books

The Omega Sanction

Andrew Scorah

Home to billion dollar secrets, and the source of even more conspiracy theories.

Some know it as Dreamland, others as the Box, most by a more familiar and ominous name... Home to billion dollar secrets, and the source of even more conspiracy theories, Area 51 has just been invaded by a group of highly motivated and skilled fanatics - the sons and daughters of the Third Reich elite. Searching for one thing - a powerful device known as Die Glocke - A device that will take them back to the last days of the Reich, and Adolph Hitler, the only man alive to know the location of his Ultimative Lösung Waffe - Ultimate Solution Weapon which they will use to hold the world to ransom. Only Morgan, and his multi-national team of military specialists -Omega Group- stand between them and the end of life as we know it.



Andrew Scorah

It's all about the money, money.

One million pounds has been stashed somewhere in Swansea. Only Karl Devlin knows where it is, he's just been released from prison and going to pick it up. Trouble is, a bent Met Police officer and two criminal firms want it all for themselves, Devlin is stuck between a rock and several hardcases and headed for stormy seas.



Andrew Scorah

Hell hath no fury like a Strigoi reborn.

In the shadow of Poenari Castle, in the land once known as Wallachia a tomb is discovered, the true final resting place of Vlad Tepes, the scourge of the Ottoman Empire. The tomb also contains something else, an ancient evil , the sun source of every horror known to man.


Jericho Blues

Andrew Scorah

In Homecoming Blues he faced the London Underworld In Border Town Blues he faced the Mexican Mafia and Al-Qaeda.

The President is Dead and the organisation Dalton works for is all but wiped out. Dalton and Jamie are on the run again, running from an elite group of families who have been controlling world events from behind the scenes for over a thousand years. The Council of 300 have stepped out of the shadows to wrap the world in a totalitarian grip. Dalton and Jamie together with a rag tag army of misfits are the only ones standing between the Council and the death of freedom as we know it.


Border Town Blues

Andrew Scorah

On the run with gal and a gun

Jimmy Dalton and Jamie Duggan are on the run n America. Coerced into doing a job for one of the spook agencys, they head into the border lands of Mexico where they uncover a terrorist plot which could lead to the deaths of millions. They find themselves in a race against time to stop the terrorists completing their plan.



Andrew Scorah

Coming home from war can be hell.

All Jimmy Dalton wanted after fighting for his country was a quiet life. But a notorious gangster has other ideas and Jimmy finds himself in a war of a different kind. Set on a path of revenge that may turn the streets of London red with blood, a path that may not only destroy those he cares about but also his sanity and his very soul.



Andrew Scorah

A collection of stories featuring the adventures of the Ninja warrior Chihiro Kitagawa as he travels across the American west in the 1800s'.

Following the adventures of the Ninja warrior Chihiro kitagawa. Sent to America by his Sensei and clan leader to apprehend a renegade Ninja. Like David Carradine's Kung Fu on steroids, it delivers a visual kick in the teeth. This is the second story in the series as the first is published in a collection of Action stories, titled ACTION:Pulse Pounding Tales vol 1 by Matt Hilton, feat such writers as Stephen Leather and other great authors of this genre.


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Jason, Thank for your kind words and encouragement. Have published T....

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Thank you so much for your continued support of GUIDESTAR. My life....

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My name is Peter Reich, special investigator to the Pope and former c....

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I wrote 105 days ago

Okay, I started reading then had to stop. Yes the writing is clean. It is the style I am going to comment on. First line-Night was beggining to fall...(carries on next line) With it the darkness fell...you could cut out 'with it' would make for a better read. "Still that horse of yours, lad," the... view book

I wrote 106 days ago

Only read the first few chapters, up to 6, the opening pulls you in leading you to want to know more about what is going on. The writing is crisp and punchy with no words wasted, and just enough description to give a sense of place. So far not able to find anything negative in the six chapters I rea... view book

I wrote 112 days ago

An intriguing opening, introducing us to the protag, ending with an intimation of scrapes to come.Well written in an easy style. The only negative I can say, and this is just my opinion, I would move the paragraph-This is not a story about death-to the beginning of the chapter, to me it came across ... view book

I wrote 161 days ago

I originally come from a South Yorkshire pit village and do remember vividly the miners strike and everything that went with it, so the opening chapter resonated with me, have backed this and will be back to read more, it has grabbed me. view book

I wrote 179 days ago

Read the first couple of chapters, and have watch listed to read more. An interesting opening, and you have created an interesting character in the priest, he already stands out on the page for me. I did think in the prologue you could have introduced the narrator a little earlier, you need to grab ... view book

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