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I'm a 40 years old female on the autism spectrum located in Germany. English is my second language.

I am mainly interested in sharing my stories and hear what people think about it. I am not likely to change the way I write just because some people dislike it, but I would probably adapt if a lot of people think it mostly resembles what comes out of the back end.

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Too many to list. Seriously. I read way too much. Says my family.

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Broken Volume One - The Castin....

Therese Ogbomon

The time has come for the Seekers of the broken worlds to go forth and fulfill a prophecy.

At least that is what the rulers of the central enclave claim. The called upon heroes set out to do what is expected of them, or, if they can't go themselves, replacements are found. After all, it is an inherited position, so being a Seeker can't have much to do with skill, or so it seems.

The job of the seekers does not seem to be that hard at first. Find the six Children of Prophecy and get them on the task to make the worlds whole again. But the obstacles are many. The heroes-to-be children or their parents not wanting to have any part of this is just one of the issues. And the children seem to be the exact opposite of what everyone thought they were. And if that was not enough, the Seekers and their new wards are soon followed by other forces - as is proper for an epic confrontation between... Well, between what? It is not Light and Dark, exactly. In any case, the Seekers find they need to be guides as well.


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rhine wrote 955 days ago

If you like my other stories (Jezebel, Foundation for the Lost), try ....

rhine wrote 1017 days ago

I finally got Foundation for the Lost published in e and POD formats.....

rhine wrote 1077 days ago

are you still reading Foundation for the Lost? I was planning to tru....

DeLuca wrote 1089 days ago

Hi Therese Hopefully this doesnt offend you, but I was hoping....

rhine wrote 1093 days ago

also, check in "chapter 55" of Foundation for the Lost for deleted sc....

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I wrote 1101 days ago

Thanks, I will hopefully be able to make the corrections tomorrow. The way I write, i have many scenes from over the years I worked on the concept, so I am now putting them all together and revise where needed, so each chapter will be posted when done. view book

I wrote 1105 days ago

Thanks for your comments. Glad you like it. Elves get rather old, so while she should be around 20 or so, she would still be seen as a girl. Oh me and my typos. I'll go fix it next update, thanks. No matter how often I read through it I keep missing some. view book

I wrote 1178 days ago

Amazing story. I keep checking for updates all the time. view book

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