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I am British and live in S. E. England.

My background is actually in design. Though I am not a professional writer I have a creative mind and like all writers I study the detail surrounding people- I question, observe and look for the bigger story. As a designer, I have a talent for spotting patterns. For about ten years I have been studying ordinary, everyday behaviour to find out why people become stuck in complex circles of repetition that can spoil their lives, culminating in my book.

I have been offered publication from small publishers in the past but preferred to keep writing and editiing until I have all the links needed. Hopefully I may receive helpful feedback here on authonomy.

favourite books

I have very eclectic taste and read whatever fits my mood at the time so won't impress anyone with my choice of books. I enjoy both fiction and non fiction but prefer to be informed and learn something that I didn't previously know - that could cover anything from furniture renovation to how the Great Wall of China was built, from biography to poetry, history to comedy.

Contact me at: collm.mac@gmail.com

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my books

The Eternal Circle

C M Mackenzie

Learn how to solve problems, find love and discover what makes you really tick by recognising the hidden patterns controlling your behaviour.

Life can be a frustrating exercise of going round in circles. A confusing array of options promise health and wealth or beauty and fame if we buy the right products or follow the latest fashionable program; but often we are left feeling empty or disappointed and thinking—“there must be more”. If you want to find a better way that will give you more, this guide has the answers.
Over years of observation, self-examination and looking at different ways people become stuck in a rut and discontent, I have learned much about the nature of human behaviour and the patterns we all follow. In this secular guide I will show you how you can recognise these patterns and find out everything you need to know about yourself and the people you live with. No more asking-- "What am I doing?" and "Where am I going?" because you will know how to make the right choices that bring you the security you need.


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Maevesleibhin wrote 228 days ago

Dear C.M. I am delighted that The Washington Adventure has made it ....

Sid Lyons wrote 236 days ago

You say you have eclectic tastes? How about a full-on crime novel wr....

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maryanada67@yahoo.co.uk Hi love I saw your profile today and lov....

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Hi, I'm new on here. It sounds like you have some fascinating interes....

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Thank-you Colleen. X

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I wrote 888 days ago

This work has elements of brilliance but I personally think it needs editing into a more accessible format. At the moment it reads too much like an academic thesis to be a popular choice for most. However, it is a thought provoking testament and if it were shorter, with fewer quotes and reference... view book

I wrote 982 days ago

I have been re working the intro and it will be published shortly view book

I wrote 1001 days ago

This is a book every authonomist should read. I will definitely have it to hand when I do my next lot of editing. Naturally, as the subject is writing the content is impeccably written. view book

I wrote 1006 days ago

Thank you Mr. Nom de Plume for leaving your well thought out comment. There is a reason why I used the first person plural ‘we’. The aim running through the book is to show how much better life could be if the individual ‘I’ dimension is swapped for the more inclusive ‘us’ perspective by reasoning w... view book

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