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I am delighted to announce that "Weekend in Weighton" is available as an e-book on Amazon, published by 'Grinning Bandit Books'. Check out the sample. Reviews are extremely welcome. Thanks!


My thanks go to everyone on Authonomy who helped make my book the best it could be and made me a better writer. That means everyone who gave me critical comments. Thank you. You are all mentioned in my book credits - honest!

Special thanks to my 'Authonomy Crew' who have given me friendship, fun and support since I joined: Andi, Babs, Bec, Carl, Derryl, DD, Jack, Jen, Joe, John DG, Mickster, Mille, Wez and last, never least, Roman.

And big thanks to Jennifer Lawrence for my doozer of a cover!

If you would like to contact me: tmurphy@clara.net

Ten sample chapters are still available to read on Authonomy. If you like it ... you know the rest.

"Believe in your own greatness - but admit it when you suck." Bruce Springsteen's advice to aspiring artists.



favourite books

My favourite authors include, John Steinbeck, Philip Pullman, Ian McEwan, Nick Hornby, Tony Parsons, David Nicholls and Robert Harris.

my websites

http://www.amazon.co.uk/Weekend-in-Weighton-ebook/     http://grinningbandit.webnode.com/

HarperCollins is not responsible for the content of external internet sites.

my books

Weekend in Weighton

Terry Murphy

First-time private investigator Eddie Greene is having a bad weekend. It’s about to get worse …

When Eddie finds the slab-cold body of his first client, he knows something’s up – he only spoke to her fifteen minutes earlier.

Free-wheeling, trash-talking Eddie is not just out of place in a humdrum northern town. He’s out of depth on his first case, out of funds from a now deceased client and out of favour with Weighton’s big society.

As Friday night slides into Saturday morning, each twist turns a bad situation worse; the police want him for murder, the local crime boss wants him dead, the mayor wants him out of town and his girlfriend wants him out of her life.

Increasingly desperate, Eddie takes on all-comers in a barnstorming bid to clear his name. And somewhere between all the froth and fury, his affections are reclaimed by the girl who got away – but will she abide ‘til Monday?

“Great fun with some cracking jokes - it reminded me of the Lynne Truss serial on Radio 4.” Sue Fletcher, Deputy MD, Hodder & Stoughton

“Engaging, controlled, visual and fast-paced. Lots of action - a strong sense of tongue-in-cheek.” Caroline Smailes, Harper Collins author, ‘In Search of Adam’


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Hi Kev, After reading three chapters my overriding thought was, 'wow, where can I buy this?' It really is that good. The writing is elegant, yet effortless and has that warm, wry voice just below the surface. And there is no doubting the intrigue set up by the unfolding storyline. The opening ... view book

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