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I am a dilettante. I would not dream of doing anything as energetic as writing a book. Quite happy to admire others however.

My backing policy: I back on whim, with the occasional exception. If there are books on my shelf close to the top in the rankings, it is because I think they are especially good books.

Have I backed your book? Maybe I liked your avatar or a comment you made or the pitch you wrote. Maybe I read a little bit and maybe I didn't. But if I do back your book, you can be confident that I will leave it up for more than 24 hours. That's all it takes to give you some value from it.

Spam me? Not worth bothering. I ignore everything that bores me.

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sticksandstones wrote 4 days ago

Hi Dilettante, thanks very much for placing The Straitjacket Blues on....

Jon Nolan wrote 8 days ago

You are very kind thank you. I hope the sun is shining on your bit of....

KirkH wrote 8 days ago

Thanks Dilettante for backing Belle Epoche. Much appreciated. Hope y....

Darius Stransky wrote 19 days ago

Hello my dilettante friend Thank you for supporting my work Bes....

Jon Nolan wrote 21 days ago

Thank you so much for your continued support of GUIDESTAR. My life....

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I wrote 94 days ago

An original premise and well written. Well done. view book

I wrote 158 days ago

Good writing, good story. view book

I wrote 162 days ago

This is great, well written and engaging.. Plenty of potential for development into a very good story. view book

I wrote 164 days ago

Bright and lively and realistic. Very well done. Backed. view book

I wrote 207 days ago

Fascinating reading. Very, very good. A minor typo in the pitch which you should correct. view book

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