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My first authonomy novel, The Lost Wink, is now available in hard copy at https://www.createspace.com/4176430

I'm a storyteller and children's poet, performing regularly in classrooms. My material is geared toward elementary and middle grades. I'm also a full time police crime prevention specialist in Eugene, Oregon and a national consultant on safe school and park design.
I'm thrilled that you all helped the Lost Wink up onto the Editor's Desk -- thanks!

favourite books

The Stolen Child, by Keith Donohoe
The Princess Bride, by William Goldman
A Girl Named Zippy, by Haven Kimmel
The First Two Lives of Lukas Kasha, by Lloyd Alexander
The Bean Trees, by Barbara Kingsolver
Cutting for Stone, by Abraham Verghese
Tadpole Rex, by Kurt Cyrus
Don't Shoot, by David M. Kennedy (non-fiction)
Half Broke Horses, by Jeannette Walls
Dogboy, by Christopher Russell

my websites

http://www.safeschooldesign.com     http://www.todschneider.com

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my books

Ladle Beginagin

Tod Schneider

Ladle hopes dreaming up a brilliant invention will help restore her fractured family; unfortunately, the frogastrophe sets things spinning in the wrong direction!

Ladle Beginagin, thirteen-year-old science nerd, wants her dad to stop running away. She’s mystified by his cold shoulder over the past year, and bewildered by his lack of enthusiasm for her creative experimentation. He seemed tolerant of the Pterodactyl-Barbie hybrid, but the flaming Chewie Louies in her last school, and the ensuing commotion, were apparently upsetting. Perhaps a successful invention will win him back? Short of that, at least fitting in at her new school, she believes, might be a good place to start. Alas, the frogastrophe mucks up her chances on day one, and by the time she gets home, things are even worse – mom’s having a pinball conniption, and Dad’s dragging his suitcase off down the street. How can she make things right?


The Lost Wink

Tod Schneider

After seven years enslaved in a henhouse, can a beak-nosed, chicken-talking, orphan boy fly the coop, avoid a beheading and pursue his dreams? (Purchasehardcopyat: https://www.createspace.com/4176430)

Roscoe is enslaved by the preening, delusional Nasturtium, and forced to live in a chicken coop. On the bright side, he learns to run the farm single-handedly, speak Chicken, Bee and Cow, and even peck for grubs with his over-sized nose.

He also builds a roadside baked apple stand. When blustery King Curlichek drops by for a snack, he mistakes Roscoe’s innocent blink for a scandalous wink at the free-spirited Princess Maisie. The King’s outraged! Maisie’s vexed too, but for her own reasons: This was her first wink, she missed it and now it’s lost! She orders it found.

Roscoe is freed with the condition that he find the lost wink and return it to her – a welcome challenge, for he has fallen in love.

But this won’t be easy. First he’ll have to escape from slavery, elude ungrateful ogres in the Forest of Unpleasantness and, with the help of his animal friends, outwit bandits on Skunkthistle Road. All this with Nasturtium in hot pursuit. Can Roscoe avoid a beheading, return the lost wink and win the love of a princess?


The Uncle Bunkle Stories

Tod Schneider (writing as Uncl....

Cordelia, her mama Penca, her grandma Anacely and Jack the Dog find tiny aunts and uncles underneath the bunk bed, including one who tells stories.

With the help of an armadillo, Cordelia rids her pants of tiny ants, who turn out to be aunts. But that’s just where it starts! Soon she discovers tiny men, building houses down beneath her bunk bed. They are politely asked to leave, and when they don’t they are sent off to live with those tiny aunts. Finally Cordelia discovers one last uncle, down beneath the bunk bed, scratching with a goose feather pen. He and his scribblings are swept skywards, but before he disappears he cries out, “Those are your stories! But do not worry, for as sure as I am your Uncle Bunkle I shall bring them back to you!” This is more important than she realizes – for without her stories, she will lose all her memories from her earliest years, when she was tiny as well. And so begin the Uncle Bunkle stories.


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I wrote 404 days ago

Wow, very smooth first chapter! I can tell you've been polishing. The writing flows nicely, and you give us a lot of story through dialogue. Critique-wise, the ONLY thing I'd consider changing would be to drop the opening line, which is TELLING us info that you do a fine job of SHOWING shortly ther... view book

I wrote 438 days ago

This is charming and erudite! I love your main character, his voice and his inner world. You manage to make this narrative style work so nicely, largely because the voice never waivers and always has something entertaining to share. On all levels, from story telling and creativity to the mechanical,... view book

I wrote 438 days ago

Wonderful story telling! You do such a wonderful job of characterization with our heroine, establishing her as a sympathetic character, and you deliver ever escalating adventure! Six stars! Critique-wise I had to work really hard at finding anything to pick on. I did come up with something tiny to ... view book

I wrote 438 days ago

You manage to establish Wo as such a sweet character, and your overall tale and theme are commendable. Critique-wise, I'd suggest working with a line editor to comb through it for simple spelling and punctuation errors, as there are many. I've noted a handful from just the beginning: In the pitch... view book

I wrote 440 days ago

This is lots of fun. I greatly appreciate the premise, as well as your sense of humor. Being a scrabble addict myself, it does push some buttons for me! (I waste an inordinate amount of time on the electronic version when I should be reading or writing, and curse myself soundly for it on a daily bas... view book

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