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I am a psychiatrist by training and a writer by compulsion. I practiced psychiatry for nearly ten years, but finally left that job to begin the much more difficult job of staying home with my three sons. My compulsion to write came at an early age. I was inspired by the works of many authors, but it was Tolkien's works that made me say, "Wow! If only I could do something like that someday."

favourite books

The Lord of the Rings
The Hobbit
The Harry Potter Series
The Alienist
The Red Dragon
The Silence of the Lambs
Jonathan Livingston Seagull
The Way of the Peaceful Warrior
Watership Down
The Dark Tower Series

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I wrote 1504 days ago

This is gripping. The sensory details and pace make this very vivid. How can you not feel the poor mother's anquish. The pitch is also fantastic, one of the best I've read here or anywhere else. This is of the highest quality. Kudos. view book

I wrote 1507 days ago

Everything about this hums. The pitch is excellent. The writing has perfect economy and breathes the sinister tone of the book to life. The characters are interesting and well-drawn. Every word draws the reader along. Fantastic! view book

I wrote 1507 days ago

This is one of the better pitches I've read. What a fascinating idea! The writing doesn't take away from the great story. The dialogue is believable, the pacing is tight. Excellent writing. view book

I wrote 1510 days ago

I would imagine these historical novels are hard to pull off, but you do a really nice job here. The writing was fluid and seemed to mesh well with the historical period. The dialogue seemed accurate and well done. It seems you are perfectly suited for this genre. Backed. Take care, Mike Meff... view book

I wrote 1512 days ago

I've always been a fan of pirate stories, and this one is enjoyable. The characters are quite likeable, which is a must in children's stories. The writing was smooth and carried the story along without a hitch. Backed. Mike Mefford view book

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