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I started out my career as a Beauty Therapist, working in health spa's and on board a cruise liner, which gave me the insight to write my first novel, Feathers. Amber, the main character, takes you on board with her, with tales of promiscuity and scandal, descriptions of the beautiful countries she visits, and the characters she meets along the way.

As I'm sure is the case with most of us on the site, my dream is to be published. Reading through the novels and seeing how much talent is out there, it makes you realise what an incredibly difficult task agents and publishers face in signing new authors.

Good luck to all and happy writing!

My first novel Feathers, is complete and my main priority, if I'm lucky enough to receive your backing.

Two Times a Lady is my second novel, which is still a work in progress, but I would love to hear your feedback.

Currently seeking representation. Agents can contact me at stephalex@btinternet.com

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Anything written by Sophie Kinsella, Cecilia Ahern, Marian Keys and Martina Cole.

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Stephanie Mortimer

Only when you have been touched by death can you fully appreciate life. Make it count.

When Amber Rose’s mother died, her whole world fell apart. Immersed in grief, her father was the one person she expected to console her. However, she finds she can no longer trust him when she discovers his secret. The revelation leaves her wounded and she vows never to have her heart broken again, by anyone. For Amber, love is off the agenda. So when she meets Jake, who could possibly be the love of her life, her heart and head are in constant battle but which will prevail?

Just as Amber’s life begins to turn around, she receives devastating news, unearthing fears she had tried to overcome. In the face of adversity she resolves that life is for the living and determined to make every second count, signs herself up to work on board a cruise liner.
She embarks on a crazy adventure that takes her to exotic places (and not just in the geographic sense.) But before this escapade can begin, she has some serious explaining to do.


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I wrote 549 days ago

Loved this Phil. You certainly know how to captivate the reader! Full of excitement and excellently written. Well done. Steph (Feathers) view book

I wrote 610 days ago

The Boy From the Next Dimension - your writing flows effortlessly, with fabulous descriptions and great dialogue. You have a good story with a likeable main character in Natalie, and an intriguing character in her 'counterpart'. I've read the first three chapters and you build the story nicely - I w... view book

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Hello, As promised, I'm here doing a read swap. You have a great story with a likeable main character in Dahlia. You set the tone well, taking us back to her childhood, her overpowering parents and her rebellious stage. This helps the reader connect with Dahlia and get an understanding of he... view book

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