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My name is Marj. I am an Australian author.

MY BOOK, 'Not a Man' was an ED winner. This was originally published by Night Publishing, October, 2011, now by Samray Books.

All three of the Shuki Series are now published, and available as ebook and as paperbacks.

I have now also published three Penwinnard Stories - 'Angel No More,' 'You Gotta Have Manners,' and 'Trevanian's Leap.'

Three chapters of each of the published books have been left here as a sample.

To buy the books, just do a search for M. A. McRae on any of the selling websites such as Smashwords or Amazon, with the title of the book you are interested in.

I also have a blog. Google, M. A. McRae, Author.

In April 2010, I became a member of a Crit Group, Stampman's, no longer active, but immensely valuable for the contacts as well as the crits. I suggest to all serious authors that they choose such a group for themselves. There are several to choose from. I will always be grateful to Stampman's, and suspect that my book would never have been published if not for the comradeship and support I found there.

SPAM policy. I'm afraid that requests to read will be mostly ignored.
However, if I have praised and backed your book in the past, I may be open to requests to reback.

MY COMMENTS: I'm afraid that I don't have time to make detailed reviews these days - just a brief assessment, and for the better books that I look at, usually a week's backing.

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my books

The Frost and the Sunshine

M. A. McRae

Shuki is proud of his new home and of his family. He has everything to make him happy. But then Meriam arrives.

Mwai is Shuki's brother, though they have not seen each other for very many years. Mwai never forgot his brother and one day he goes looking. He is pleased to find that he is alive and well, even with some importance in the world, but he does not make contact. Shuki was disgraced. It was only when his sister comes to him for help, that he agrees to a meeting. Her daughter, Meriam, just sixteen, is pregnant and in danger of being killed for dishonouring the family. His niece and Shuki's niece.

Shuki gives Meriam the sanctuary she so desperately needs. But she brings complications - not just a baby, but she looks just like Shuki looked when she was young. Zahu is fascinated.

This is the fourth and final book of the Shuki Series. I expect to complete it by April, 2014, and publish it by August, 2014.


The King's Favourite

M. A. McRae

If you fell in love with Shuki in "Not a Man,' you will enjoy 'The King's Favourite.'

It was the greatest scandal that Oxford had ever known. The culprits were the sons of the rich and famous, even of Royalty. The trials went on for years, and the story of the eunuch's uttermost beauty and desirability spread.

Shuki now lives in his own remote home, overlooked by his beloved mountains. He is happy with his family, his studies, and is respected.

Feroz Hady is just sixteen, yet he is the all-powerful monarch of an oil-rich country of Arabia. When an important and complex trade deal hangs in the balance, an extra concession is made. Shuki’s freedom is traded away by his own country, a gift for a king.

There are stories from ancient times of eunuchs standing at the side of kings, wielding enormous influence, and influencing the fate of nations. Can it happen again?

This is Book 2 of the Shuki series, now available on Amazon and Smashwords.


Angel No More

M. A. McRae

He calls himself Robert Kelly, known as Bob. They call him the mystery boy.

A boy is discovered walking on a country road. He is injured, exhausted, lost and alone. He refuses to tell what happened to him, and the name he gives matches no records. But he tells a story, a story of routine kidnaps, murders, and abuse. It wasn't him, though - he was never there. ‘Someone’ had told him about it. This is the story of Bob, who would never again be called Angel.

Ian Mackender is the manager of Penwinnard Boys' Home. . He knows his boys, he knows the good and bad of them. He understands them better than they understand themselves. But this new one? He doesn’t understand Bob.

When the story finally breaks, the ramifications will be felt worldwide.


You Gotta Have Manners

M. A. McRae

Meet Sid, an orphan who longs for a new mum and dad. This is a Penwinnard story.

Ian MacKender liked to boast that Penwinnard Boys’ Home was the best facility of its type in all of the UK, and perhaps the world. But whatever he could do, the best he could do, his boys still longed for true family.

Young Sid very much wants a new mum and dad, and is willing to put a great deal of effort into finding one. He is goodlooking enough, ‘passable,’ as he is told, but as he says rather too often, ‘You gotta have manners.’

This book is published, around 70,000 words, and can be found on online booksellers.


Not a Man

M. A. McRae

From boy of the slums to Oxford Graduate. This is the story of Shuki Bolkiah, modern day eunuch.
This book is now published.

"Not a Man' is set in an unnamed country of Arabia. Shuki is aged ten, and a 'bed-boy.' His master wants his beautiful boy to stay beautiful, so arranges for him to have 'a small operation.' This traumatic event changed forever the life of a clever, determined boy.

Shuki learns to manipulate his master. He learns to read and write, he gets his master into the habit of giving him large sums of money, and he makes friends with the master's sons.

Shuki becomes more beautiful with every passing year. His master becomes more possessive, more jealous, and Shuki is guarded. When his master takes him to England, he escapes and starts a new life with the money he's saved. He is fifteen.


To Love and To Protect

M. A. McRae

Shuki is a modern day eunuch. This is his continuing story - a story of life and of love.

Shuki is home, and enjoying being home. He loves his wives and he loves his children. And Elei. Elei is his chosen love, not Feroz. He may have grown to love King Feroz, but he never took the place of Elei.

To the Daouds, he is someone special, theirs to love and to protect, as their father, the Old Master Hassanel, laid down in his will. To Shuki, the Daouds’ home is his home, though he does not regard himself as belonging to anyone - or maybe to Elei, as Elei belongs to him.

He is fond of Hasquitri’s children, the girls and the boys. The girls, at fourteen, are of marriageable age, and are closely chaperoned, protected. They are still permitted to ride when suitably escorted, and Shuki makes a point of riding with them. Alone among the men, he knows what it is to suffer under too much protection.

The boys have a full life, learning about their father’s businesses, travelling, enjoying the hunting and the shooting and the riding. But when young Zahu becomes aware of just exactly what he is, the relationship becomes a lot more complicated


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I wrote 78 days ago

My comment is only from a ampling from several chapters, so not a detailed read. But a survival story is always fascinating and it is well written. I think it was in the prologue, but 'reviled' is incorrectly used, so that struck a wrong note. But all over, a great effort, which I expect will do we... view book

I wrote 78 days ago

Only a brief read, I'm afraid, but well written and entertaining. Suggest you check the spelling of the last paragraph of your pitch. Backed for a time. view book

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A fascinating story, but there are flaws that need ironing out. You need to make sure that you do not wander between past and present tense, for instance. Great potential. Backed for a bit, Marj. view book

I wrote 86 days ago

A beautiful story, beautifully written. Something special. Backed. Marj. view book

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Read the first and the last chapter. I like it. Well done. Backed, Marj. view book

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