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The whole story is linked to various events in recent history. It is difficult to emphatically say the main ‘ spy games’ did not happen.

The book BUDDHA SMILED consists of seven booklets.
The booklet, ‘THE TRINITY’ is of three chapters and is about three main characters Chirag, Raunaq and Viktor.
‘COMING CLOSER’ illustrates the events that bring Chirag, Raunaq and Viktor come closer. This part of the story is spread over about five years during the World War 2. The events take place in India and Europe.
‘TRAGIC REALITY’ is about the great Indian tragedy of Partition. This is not the main theme of the story but only one of the events which precedes the consequential story. The chapters occur during two years.
‘SETTING UP OF THE GAMES’ is about the genesis of the Intelligence operations. It includes the setting up of the organisations by 1) the three main characters who are friends, 2) the professionals of the Pakistani team and 3) the Chinese schemer. This is spread over a decade.
‘THE SCENT’ describes the events that lead to the inevitable suspicion/ notice of main characters.
‘THE ACTION’ describes the events leading to capture of Chirag and Raunaq in the subcontinent.
‘THE OPTIONS’ is in reality gives a chance to the reader to become God and decide the fate of Chirag and Raunaq.


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Hey ! that is good ! i like the humour. may be i will finish the book soon and add some more comments. regards raghu ( have a look at my book BUDDHA SMILED when you can) view book

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