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**I am currently seeking representation. If interested, please contact me at: kellenlynch@gmail.com**

I'm a licensed educator living in the state of Wisconsin. I like to play video games, read, write and have a passion for teaching.
My goal is to create a series of books accessible to readers of all ages, but specifically for young adults who are looking for more of a SciFi/Urban fantasy flavor to their reading.

**I prefer backings for Project Zero: BulletProof, but if 'Plague' is more your thing, feel free to back that instead**

favourite books

1. Ender's Game (but only the first one. The rest, while not bad, strayed very far from what was established in the first)
2. The Lord of The Rings (While it's a crime to say this, I have never read The Hobbit. There. I said it. It's out there.)
3.Jurassic Park (The very first "adult" level book I read. When I was 8. For a book report. My teacher was not happy.)
4. Without Remorse/Rainbow Six (Two of Clancy's best.)
5. Any of the Charlaine Harris Southern Vampire novels (I read them before it was cool to do so. Or before they were changed to the Sookie Stackhouse novels. So there.)

my websites

http://www.smashwords.com/books/view/10007     http://louferrignoowesmemoney.blogspot.com/

HarperCollins is not responsible for the content of external internet sites.

my books

Project Zero: BulletProof

Kellen Lynch

Lance is a high school senior. As if that wasn't hard enough, he now has super powers.

Lance is an average high school student in a small, Midwestern city. As his senior year winds to a close, Lance watches his hometown slowly rot from the inside out. Wanting to help, but not knowing how, he continues to live out his life in mediocrity, until fate decides to step in and shake things up.

What's New:
*I chopped up the first chapter some more. None of the prologue survived.


A Plague Upon Thee

Kellen Lynch

"A plague on both your houses!" These words carry more weight than anyone could have ever imagined.

“A plague on both your houses…”

The dying words of Mercutio, best friend of Romeo Montague and cousin to the prince, set the stage for a horror the likes of which the world has never seen.

Now it’s up to Benvolio, the only Montague not caught up in the infamous feud between the Montagues and Capulets, to investigate why the dead are rising up and feeding on the humans. When it is discovered that his family and that of his enemies are being targeted by these monsters, a small group of Verona’s citizens must band together against the onslaught of the un-dead.

Set in Verona, Italy during the events of Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet, this novella utilizes both the original text of Shakespeare's masterpiece as well as the author's own unique view of what was taking place just out of view.

A witty combination of humor and action in the vein of Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead and Shawn of the Dead.

Cover art by Kelly M. Betz. Used with permission.


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I wrote 1293 days ago

I didn't even bother reading it, but the very idea of this...thing, amuses me. So there is that. view book

I wrote 1485 days ago

Hey, I've only read through the first chapter so far, but I wanted you to know that I was reading it. I like it so far. Kane is the kind of character that I could see being the MC because he's the kind of asshole that you love to hate. From the pitch I don't know if he will be the MC, though. If he ... view book

I wrote 1494 days ago

Great, great, great story. Anyone who opens this book is going to read this and be instantly familiar with the characters, the setting, the situation, everything. Your pitch could use some work. I don't need to be told that this story could become the new standard. Give us, the readers (on here, aut... view book

I wrote 1497 days ago

On reading this, I just have to hope that this is supposed to be humorous. Otherwise I really don't know what to make of it. view book

I wrote 1506 days ago

You have such an incredibly grasp on dialect that I think even Mark Twain would be jealous (Y'know, if he weren't already long dead). You move the story along wonderfully and you get a real sense of the MC's attitude right from the beginning. Good job. Backed. Kellen view book

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