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Hi everyone.

My Book 'A Bed of Thorns' is complete, although only a portion has been uploaded.

I do not accept read requests. I do return reads, however, so if you want me to take a look at your book, then I suggest you read mine and comment or message me, even back me so that I know, and I will do the same.

A Scot by birth, living in the Midlands, UK. At the time of writing (Jan, 2010), I am a 48 year-old grandmother of five. I spent the early part of my life in various jobs from management to IT (programming and analysis), but in my late 20's I gave it all up (the house, the car, job and security) to train as an actor. For the next 20 years I was involved in the entertainment business in many capacities.

Throughout that time I was an acting tutor, specialising in screen techniques, and still occasionally get called upon for the odd tutoring session. But I also wrote and directed for stage initially, then later for the screen. I have had a couple of short film scripts produced both here in Britain and in the United States; I was commissioned to write a full-length screenplay for Eastern Eye Films; and, I currently have a feature film script being produced in the States. I was also a finalist in the Sci-Fi Channel's Sci-fi Shorts competition which led to a commission to write a series of short 'Tales of the Unexpected' style scripts for an independent TV company.

I also occasionally work as a casting director for independent filmmakers.

I used to act too, and sometimes I still do, but it has become more difficult since I suffered a stroke ten years ago and became physcially disabled, so I am limited somewhat.

A few years ago, prompted by the idea of adapting one of my screenplays into a novel, I decided to try novel and short story as a writing form. I've found it difficult to make the transition as they involve very different techniques, but I have studied Creative Writing with the Open University; with the Writers Bureau and Stoke College, so I think I am beginning to get the hang of it :-) at least, I hope so.

I am currently writing that adaptation, it is called 'A Bed of Thorns' and part of it is now live. It is a psychological thriller, as most of my work is. The novel is complete but I am working on a major edit of the remaining portion. I am also researching and planning the book I want to write next, another psychological thriller set in the middle-ages.

When I was developing as a screenwriter, I used to belong to a site similar to authonomy but for screenwriters run by Francis Ford Coppola's production company, and I enjoyed the reviewing and criticising part of the site very much indeed (I feel I learn so much from this process), and was regularly one of the top reviewers. I just hope I can learn to be able to provide that same standard and quality to the reviews of work posted here at authonomy.

I am more interested in giving and receiving honest reviews and feedback than in the giving and receiving of token plugs (so no 'back me, I'll back you' requests). I don't believe that making it to an HC editorial review will do any good whatsoever unless/until a novel is truly ready, so expect an honest response. I will back you're book if it deserves it and expect you to treat my work the same way, but openly encourage helpful feedback and critiques.

In case your interested, my favourite genres are:
thriller (especially of the psychological kind) , suspense, mystery, some historical, some light comedy, horror, general fiction, fantasy, crime

I hate: romance, anything to do with war or politics, westerns, detective fiction (aka Sam Spade, et al), chick lit, erotica, gay, religious

I am currently seeking representation.

Good luck everyone with their writing and their novels.


favourite books

'Pillars of the Earth' & 'World Without End' - Ken Follett
'Marley & Me' - John Grogan
'The Darkest Evening of the Year' - Dean Koontz
favourite writers:
Val McDermitt
Matthew Reilley
Terry Pratchett
Dean Koontz

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my books

A Bed of Thorns

Claire Ferdinando

Two lonely women, a killer on the run, a tangled web of secrets and lies - three players in a deadly game of wits.

A Bed of Thorns is a chilling psychological thriller which challenges the reader not to become complacent.

When Charlie, a charming killer on the run, is attacked by a wild dog on a lonely moor, he takes refuge with two reclusive sisters on a remote farm.

Daisy rules the house with a strict hand and rejects the trends of the modern world, but Rose longs for a place in that world of romance, glamour and – modern conveniences.

Charlie can’t help but take advantage of their naïve generosity and soon charms himself into both sisters’ beds.

Sibling rivalry soon leads to an explosive concoction of secrets and lies. Suddenly Charlie’s only concern is to stay alive long enough to recover and make his escape.

But not all is what it seems and the women still have a few more surprises in store.

A terrifying roller-coaster of twists and turns with a constant struggle for both power and survival.

(** Full synopsis, for those interested, can be found in the final chapter **)


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