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I enjoy writing, but I unfortunately don't get to do it full time. But I write whenever I get the chance and love finding out what other people think of my novels. At the moment I'm working on a series of historical, regency period romances and hope to hear what people think soon.

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Any book by Julia Quinn, Lisa Kleypas, Stephanie Laurens or Julie Garwood to name just a few.

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Left At The Crooked Pine

Jules Carlyle

Bianca finds adventure where she least expects it. Staying with friends of her family her life changes when she meets a highway man.

Bianca has always been quiet shy never having the courage to be the tom-boy her sister is. But she dreams of adventure. Then she finds adventure where she least expects it. Staying with a friend of the family in their countryside home she learns of a highway man terrorising local wealthy families. Her sense of mystery is intrigued and one night she decides to see if he will try and rob her. He does but he gets more then he was bargaining for. What lady questions her robber? This begins a strange secret relationship between the pair. But her dashing highway man has more secrets than just his identity. Will it turn into a disaster or the adventure of a life time?


When A Rose Blooms

Jules Carlyle

Juliana has been in love with her guardian since the day she met him. But Frankmarried. Changing both their lives. Until his wife dies.

Juliana has always been in love with her guardian since the day she met him. But Frank has gotten married. This changes both their lives. Until his wife dies. Still Frank is not interested or so she thinks. So introduced to society Juliana has to face lots proposals she doesn’t want. She accepts none of them much to the confusion of Frank and the disgruntlement of those offering for her. One man takes particular offense after offering for her a fifth time and she refuses yet again. Then the rumours start. Can Juliana face the harshness of London life with no-one to support her compared to the quietness of country life? Or is there really some one who will support her no matter what people say?

This was my first ever serious novel and it's still not complete! It needs some serious editing and reworking. So I'm posting it for some opinions. Also I thought you might be interested in reading the story of two characters you have met before much later in their lives in Left at the Crooked Pine


By the Begonia

Jules Carlyle

Escape that is what Ellis lives for. But can a woman help him face his past and can he help her escape her present life.

Escape; that is what Ellis lives for. Outside in the darkness, cool air and away from the crowds of people that come, unfortunately, attached to a good party. He nurses his dark thoughts with a bottle of wine and by his favourite flower. Begonia- it literally means dark thoughts or beware, despite its beauty. It suited him and his angelic looks. But he is not the only one seeking escape. Madeline hates the crowds preferring to keep to herself and her close friends. The agony aunt in her sees the pain and darkness in Ellis when she meets him by the begonia and wants to help him. Ellis hates do-gooders and usually they stay clear of him. He is scary apparently and he doesn’t care. But this fragile looking woman is stronger then she looks and will not stop until she has helped him. Will he let her? And will she accept his help too, to face problems she has been denying even exist?


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I wrote 1198 days ago

i have rated for you but i'm sorry its just not my kind of book but not every book is to every persons taste, i'm sure its well written though and other people seem to be enjoying it so good luck! jules x view book

I wrote 1206 days ago

i've added it to my watch list like you asked, i can't add it to my shelf just yet because i dont have room sorry :) jules x view book

I wrote 1207 days ago

ooo i love this i'm only on chapter 2 and if i wasn't so tired i'd keep reading. it reminds me of faith hunters books which i love. i'll be back to read more and comment more :D jules x view book

I wrote 1209 days ago

it refers to turning left at the crooked pine, this become clear in chapter 3 and hopefully its pretty too because i want it to attract people not confuse them :D jules x view book

I wrote 1210 days ago

you've techincally already commented but thank you :D and yay! view book

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