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JUST FOR KICKS has been published by Prizm Books under my pen name Racheal Renwick. I want to thank EVERYONE who helped by giving me invaluable feedback.

I live in Portland area, Oregon. I'm not a hippie or a wilderness freak, so I guess I don't fit in much. I'm a big goof, and so klutzy, you'd swear I'm cursed. I'm married and have two beautiful sons - seven and two years old.

favourite books

Currently, I am in love with:

The 5th Wave by Rick Yancey

Anything Ellen Hopkins

And I'm dying to read Lauren DeStefano's new book: Perfect Ruin - first in her new series, The Internment Chronicles.

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http://www.rachealrenwick.tumblr.com     http://www.amazon.com/Just-for-Kicks-ebook/dp/B00D

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Willow Fay wrote 130 days ago

Hiya :) I noticed you have 'the first cut' on your bookshelf, i thoug....

Anon Y. Mous wrote 133 days ago

You have great taste in books. I was going to ask if you wanted to sw....

~Evangeline~ wrote 142 days ago

Rachael Thank you so much for your generous support of my story, L....

Steve Clark wrote 143 days ago

Racheal, You have an eklectic reading list. If you enjoy female-centr....

Andrewallen82 wrote 248 days ago

Hey Racheal , I see you don't have a story posted yet and I would be ....

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I wrote 406 days ago

Hi David. Sorry your review is a little late, I had bit of work to finish this weekend. So, on to your story. :) I am loving this still! I love your MC and her new friend Dinah. I thin the bullying and quips are relastic and flow nicely. Dialouge is a strong point for you, as well as descrip... view book

I wrote 439 days ago

Hey Kata, So, you asked for general punctuation, adverb use. But I would like to say I enjoyed Twell (for a second time). I love your MC's attitude and the premise of your whole book. It's definitely more like some of my Mss. The futuristic world is super unique and fun and while you gave us a wh... view book

I wrote 441 days ago

Hi Ryanne, YARG review I read the first two chapters so far and this is what I found: I like the premise and plot very much. Fairies are what got me onto reading and I still love them to this day. I was a little hesitant noticing the POV was omniscient. Traditional story telling is wonderfu... view book

I wrote 442 days ago

Hi David! I finally have a return review for you. I have read your first three chapters. Chapter 1 I felt like this was a perfect opening for your story. What better way to start a story off than with a monster attacking a woman and her baby. I felt sorry for them, especially the mother w... view book

I wrote 448 days ago

Hey Chris! Here's you return read and YARG review: Chapter 1 I like the characters from the get go. You did a great job making them a diverse group of friends. I love the way you paint the scene for us, very much like you did in FUGITIVES. And I have to wonder, again, if you've been here be... view book

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