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Thank you so much to everyone who supported Finger Bones! I Have had a positive experience on authonomy and I have learned so much! I have received my review and you may read away!


I am working on the second book of Finger Bones. I have loaded five chapters. It is still in draft. I wrote a quick pitch. I will edit later. Wanted to share some of the book!

I also have a young adult book completed called The Hally Witch of Magic Hollow.

I will load some of the YA book later.


My name is Sara Stinson. I am married and have two wonderful, grown children. I am a retired teacher. I enjoy teaching, so I continue to substitute and tutor. I am a laptop addict, I love to read, and I enjoy animals.

I have written my first middle-grade to YA Fantasy, and now am working on completing my second. Yes, I am calling it both. I believe it can fall into both categories. (It is for 3rd grade and up.) All ages have enjoyed.

I have published Finger Bones on Createspace with the help of Bradley Wind and everyone who has read.


Cover for Finger Bones One and Two are created by: BRADLEY WIND

I will load the second book cover later.
Come on over for a visit! sarastinson.com

I am seeking an agent for publication.

favourite books

I enjoy many different published authors.

For the past several years, I have read many children and YA novels.

my websites

https://www.facebook.com/pages/The-Finger-Bones-Se     http://sarastinson.com

HarperCollins is not responsible for the content of external internet sites.

my books

Finger Bones and the Ghost Dog....

Sara Stinson

Ryan and Shelley Dumpsters are twins, dead twins. They died on bad terms with their father. Max has returned to reunite them.

History has shown story after story of dogs traveling great distances to return to their human families. Max take this to the extreme. He returns from The Land of Mist, the Between World. Wendy Dee Winkelmann meets the extraordinary yellow lab with the big brown eyes. She soon learns this canine has a quest, and Wendy, Finger Bones, and her two best friends have their next ghost job. (I will add more later.)


Finger Bones and Wendy

Sara Stinson

Finger Bones has been sending ghosts to their next destination for years. Now it's Wendy's turn.

The Bridgeville Clipper announces Finger Bones is dead at 122-years of age. Wendy is not upset. He will be back. Finger Bones and Wendy have unfinished business in this small town.

When ten-year-old Wendy Dee Winkelmann needs to do some serious thinking she likes to chew bubblegum. While sitting on a bench reading, she becomes friends with an old man the townspeople call, Finger Bones. Some locals consider him odd and spread rumors about the ghastly man who lives up a dirt road in an ramshackle cabin. Yet Wendy soon discovers this old man, who walks to town with a burlap bag tied to a stick, has a special job. He sends ghosts to their next destination, and the stick and burlap bag he carries are magical.

Now Wendy chases the lingering spirits. Soon she finds herself caught up in a devious plan of a dark sinister power, and if it means hurting someone, or worse, it will do whatever is necessary to succeed. It’s all up to Wendy to save Bridgeville before the evil power takes over the town.


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I wrote 155 days ago

David, You have once again written a story worthy of readers to see and enjoy! Your writing sparkles with artsy words and your descriptions bring your characters to life. (her body, gleaming like pale starlight.) Chapter One started on edge with the tiger trying to break through the fence. ... view book

I wrote 222 days ago

Hi Maretha, Being an animal lover, I feel this book is enchanting! All ages will enjoy. I hope to see it on the shelf soon and into the lives of many! Sara Stinson Finger Bones view book

I wrote 305 days ago

Hi Sarah! What talent you possess! Your writing is captivating! I have read nine chapters and have enjoyed your book! I plan to read the remaining you have posted. Quelyn's character is complicated, but her situation along with all the mysteries around her make the story. I turned the pages ... view book

I wrote 309 days ago

I have worked on this part of the story. Let me know if this works. Thank you for catching it! Sara view book

I wrote 315 days ago

Kate. What an imaginative and lovely story. Your writing is easy to read and the story easy to follow. I am excited for you and I am ready to see this in print! I sprinkle you with all the stars I find! Sara Stinson Finger Bones view book

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