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The only reason I leave my book, “The Proteans", posted on this site is because it took me so damned long to re-type in the form required for posting it. To bad nobody bothers to read it. It's really quite a good read. I have several others i could post, but I'm too lazy to do all that re-typing again. Anyone interested in short stories?

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The Proteans

George Black

Nietzsche said it: "One is seldom wholly wrong about the Germans". He was right. A provocative, irreverent story of survival in Postwar Germany.

Deserter, black marketeer, jazz lover, ad man, entrepreneur: Michael Busch is a hustler with a taste for the spontaneous that's in conflict with his German need to plan ahead. With no apparent doubts in a land haunted by them, Busch adapts to the sudden shifts and surprises of postwar Germany with a cynical grace -- and a nervous memory of one big mistake.
Hans Joachim Zinser: in the war, a general's aide, skilled at small talk and filled with a small man's big ideas of himself. Banker, social climber, possibly a pimp, he manipulates defeat to work his way toward the top, until his bad habits catch up with him.
Overweight, vulgar, smart as hell, and Busch's first big client, Maximillian Preiss is a politician with an impeccable anti-Nazi past, bad manners, an instinct for controversy, and an eye for the Chancellor's office. He's off and running when an assassin's bullet suddenly changes his prospects, but not his character.

Germans have a determined will to reinvent themselves, to become what survival demands. They are "the Proteans".


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I wrote 1020 days ago

I read one chapter and will put your book on my shelf, in spite of the fact that I felt that no one could be quite as naive as young Herr Preis and the opening scene and dialogue seemed over-familiar. But I have the feeling the book might be amusing to read on in. By the way, your list of favorite ... view book

I wrote 1441 days ago
I wrote 1461 days ago

“Ever think your phone might be tapped?" “Yeah. Call me Superman." “What's that supposed to mean?" “Don't you Krauts read comic books?" “Not since you banned Mein Kampf." They're on the phone. The American is obviously in a phone booth for security reasons. This scene is nothing more than... view book

I wrote 1490 days ago

I've read a few chapters, now. It's such a gentle story. In an age where so many children seem interested only in the violence of video games with names like "Car Thief", I should imagine many parents would welcome your book. And it begs to be illustrated. view book

I wrote 1512 days ago

Thanks. If you do read on a bit, you'll see that it is not really a "war novel", rather the story of a group of Germans adapting to the circumstances of postwar Germany as it works its way back into the world. The "war" scenes at the beginning are there to establish the character of the main protaga... view book

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