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My name is Mike.

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A SIMPLE PLAN by S Scott Smith
THE STAND by Stephen King
NO LOGO by Naomi Klein
ANIMAL FARM and 1984 by George Orwell
IN COLD BLOOD by Truman Capote

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Avalon wrote 1680 days ago

Humour by-pass? Never mind.

Avalon wrote 1685 days ago

You're not much of a 'friend', are you? You don't call, you don't wri....

Pete M wrote 1686 days ago

1. They left the wife in. That's such a sell-out. 2. Even today's ....

Pete M wrote 1720 days ago

sorry man, I've been taking some time off to enjoy the brief summer w....

S. Chris Shirley wrote 1903 days ago

continued... 7. Stage direction - we want to minimize this. Our rea....

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I wrote 1890 days ago

Cormac Your book was “pitch me”ed about 3 weeks ago and I took it out of interest because your pitch was interesting. I read a few chapters and I was going to comment but I saw that you hadn’t logged on in weeks so I left it. Now I see that you are back. So, forgive me, this feedback is based on ... view book

I wrote 1892 days ago

Rachel I’ve read the first 5 chapters of ‘Going Twice’ and I made some running notes: General I noticed quite a few cut-up sentences e.g. “They’ve gotten worse. More frequent. More detailed.’ And ‘The sheets untouched on his side.’ Using this to compliment the 1st person narrative and conv... view book

I wrote 1904 days ago

It's so confusing - Carry Me Away is too slow and immediate yet this book is too descriptive and slow-burning. I guess all editors are human and all reviews are subjective. I'm glad to see advocacy for the old 3rd person. Congrats on what is still a hugely positive review. It's a huge achievement to... view book

I wrote 1911 days ago

Hi Crispy. A warning. I dipped directly into Chapter 13. Some Notes: In Sci-Fi, they say, don’t emphasise the fantastic, make it mundane. Hence I would drop the quotations around Vegyburger and things like that. Make all facets of your strange world normal to the reader by not showing them ... view book

I wrote 1917 days ago

Clare I have read three chapters to date. All characters are very sympathetic and the multiple POV structure makes it easy to follow the events and opinions of people. I'm hoping to see more of Catherine's backstory in later chapters and I'll be interested to see how it you work it into the story (... view book

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