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I have taken Just Making Sure off authonomy because I am self-publishing it as an ebook. It's now on sale with Smashwords, Apple, Kobo and Barnes & Noble (Nook).
I'd like to thank everyone who's backed the book on this website, especially Sigrid Olderdissen for her unwavering support, Tammy Ryan for repeated support and positive comments, John Miller, who took the time and trouble to comment in detail, and Colin Neville, for his generous comments and for recommending me to others. Thanks to all.

I'm open to a range of genre, literary traditions and styles. I particularly enjoy reading novels that convey a distinctive perspective on humanity. In my own writing my interests are psychological rather than philosophical, observational rather than judgemental. I seek to penetrate the skin of convention, morality and conscious values to expose the naked animal forces beneath. I hope to treat the resulting view of reality with compassion and humour, for how else should an agreement with life be negotiable?

favourite books

A Severed Head by Iris Murdoch
An Accidental Man by Iris Murdoch
The Remains Of The Day by Kazuo Ishiguro
The Unconsoled by Kazuo Ishiguro
Herztier by Herta Müller
Der Fuchs War Damals Schon Der Jäger by Herta Müller
Paddy Clarke Ha Ha Ha by Roddy Doyle

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I wrote 550 days ago

Hello Olive. I like the springy, pacey prose. The various dialects and the Irish speech come over very clearly. It's very attractively written. The details in your descriptions of Dublin and the way of life contribute to a good period atmosphere. The sales pitch itself suggests a wealth of dram... view book

I wrote 700 days ago

David This is a book which draws together the details of innocent, private lives with world-changing events. Here are humour and pathos, drama and espionage, chaotic love lives and the world shortly before the Second World War, as experienced by both children and the world’s leaders. It’s a broad... view book

I wrote 714 days ago

This thriller is a very enjoyable read. I like the way the narrative structure is broken, with the opening set a little after the beginning of events. As the story progresses, many possible explanations and outcomes are raised, making it nicely complicated and drawing the reader on. This issue with ... view book

I wrote 724 days ago

Here's a super story for children. A lost wink is a lovely idea, and to boot there are animals that talk, ogres, evil adults, a princess and a hero who is lower down the scale than a scullion but who has the potential to become a prince. The narrative tension centres on the boy-hero and his mist... view book

I wrote 782 days ago

Hello, Casimir. I’ve just finished reading Bloodstones. I can’t at this moment think of any way in which you could seriously improve it, but let me tell you why I enjoyed it and what there is about it that impresses me. I read it initially as a genre novel: a long build up to a crime which wou... view book

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