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I've been a passionate creative writer since elementary school. I love writing Christian fiction for young adults and adults alike. I'm not a genre writer. I might write a romance one day and a futuristic YA novel the next. I'm a former English teacher who is now working toward becoming a career novelist.

My novel The Road to Mercy is now published with CreateSpace!

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Holy Bible, John Gardner's Grendel, George Eliot's Silas Marner, works of Flanner O'Connery, poetry of Christina Rossetti

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The Road to Mercy

Melissa McGovern Taylor

After nine years in prison, Karen Denwood returns to her hometown to be shunned and rejected. Unexpectedly, she finds forgiveness in the most unlikely person.

The word murder isn't frequently heard in the small town of Mercy, North Carolina. Yet, behind the well-kept streets and smiling faces, Mercy bears a burden of pain from the past. Karen Denwood knows this all too well―she created the burden.

After nine years in prison, Karen clings to the hope that the residents of Mercy will allow the "murderer" of Frank Aldridge to reenter the town limits unscathed. To Karen's dismay, the town residents shun her one by one. With only her aunt's acceptance, Karen loses hope for a fresh start in her hometown…until she finds forgiveness in the most unlikely person.

Joseph Aldridge returns to Mercy planning to reopen his grandfather's old store as a veterinary clinic. After joining a prison Bible study, he never expects to come face-to-face with Karen Denwood, the woman responsible for his grandfather's death. Just when Joe thinks he can't let go of the past, God plants a seed of forgiveness in his heart for Karen.

In the midst of Karen's struggle for acceptance in Mercy, Joe draws closer to her side. Will forgiveness blossom into something more or will their tragic history continue to tear them apart?


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I wrote 1409 days ago

H.K., I forgot to mention to you that the lack of criminal charges againt Karen's dad are addressed in a later chapter. Thanks again for your support! ~Melissa view book

I wrote 1416 days ago

JC, Thank you so much for the advice. I went ahead and made some revisions. I hesitate removing too much info, but a pitch is always a work in progress. I'll keep at it. ~Melissa view book

I wrote 1416 days ago

Sharon, I noticed - there may be some confusion with this sentence "Moses, the girl's father, waved to Isaac as he rode by on a bicycle." Who 'he' is might be a little uncertain. Maybe change it to "Moses, the girl's father, rode by on a bicycle and waved to Isaac." "Isaac had spent many hours ... view book

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