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I'm back up there, having made a good choice of "Burnt Ochre" when it was at 4000+. My latest pick "Above Us The Stars" is in the same position, but I have backed it from a TSR of 4. I do not rotate my shelf often, and it will be there for a while. So jump on the bandwagon authonomy!

If anyone wants to read my book to the end of the extract here and COMMENT, I'd be happy to reciprocate. My back is feeling scratchy! LOL

NB. I really do mean *to the end* of my extract. If I back anything, I will *always* have read *all* of it and will have left a comprehensive critique. I expect the same in return. Just check-out my critiques is you are in ay doubt.

REVIEW COPIES ARE IN PREPARATION. I have just had to cut the extract here even further.

Serious reviewers can still email me for the rest, as I still welcome and value comments on the ending. Thanks.

I am working on my web presence. Blog link at the bottom of this profile, If you like the book, please follow and link. I will do the same in return.

Also on twitter @rwshelton. Followers welcome. Reciprocated.

NB MESSAGE ≠ COMMENT. Read swaps are guaranteed only if you "go first" but "possible" if you message me.

I hope my input has been helpful to fellow authonomites. I might be a bit slow to respond just now, but please bother me if you've reviewed my book and I've not yet returned the favour. I always deliver on my promises.

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Bokassa's Last Apostle


Can Everton Jones discover how his father stole Emperor Bokassa's diamonds and where he hid them, before the world and his brother get there first?

Everton Jones is in London to see James Stevens, his father’s solicitor. A father who disappeared nineteen years ago. But not before leaving $300,000 in cash and an envelope addressed to Everton hidden in a bank box. The envelope contains a diamond ring, once owned by Emperor Bokassa, and a grigri, an African charm to protect him from demons. James Stevens neglects to tell him about the money.

When it comes to light that Everton’s father is wanted by the Central African Government for stealing a fortune in diamonds, James comes clean and, along with a growing cast of colourful new friends, Everton romps through the London gay scene trying to uncover his father’s past as one of Bokassa’s henchmen (his “Apostles”), how he stole the diamonds and where he hid them.

Word gets out that Everton’s father had a son, and the world and his brother come calling, MI6, the French DGSE, the Central African Government and all the remaining Apostles. The latter get tangled in a gang war and start getting themselves killed.

Can Everton outlive them, to become the Last Apostle and inherit the fortune hidden by Bokassa twenty six years earlier?


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I wrote 868 days ago

I like this. The manuscript has been recently uploaded and needs further work, but I think it will fare well on authonomy. The narration is very old-fashioned, and oddly appropriate for historical fiction. Pacing is slow, yet you get your story in and include loads of detail. Crucially, you have tha... view book

I wrote 1205 days ago

Schizothemia [shelved 31/12--2/2] I think what stands out is your “voice”. It’s wry, laconic and witty. Your writing is amazingly accomplished. The opening sentence is strong and the rest never fails to impress. “O-Dark-Thirty”, “I’d rather have gum surgery”, “which end you put the explodey th... view book

I wrote 1222 days ago

Seattle Strange [shelved 14/12--22/1] I absolutely loved this piece. I think what makes it is the narrator’s voice, so sarcastic and vulgar. And the use of language. Not only vernacular such as “schlong” and “fozle”, but also the words you have made up. I think “fuckulating” is my personal f... view book

I wrote 1229 days ago

Bleeding Heart – Broken Soul [repeat read shelved 15/12--17/12] I’ve come back to take another look at this and read through to the end. I liked it a lot last time around, and I can see you’ve made some changes, which are to the good. Having said that, you still need another copy-edit as there... view book

I wrote 1235 days ago

The Great Dominions [shelved 1/12--14/12] I like this. The opening with Michael and Raphael engages me directly with your pitch and the concept for this piece. I will comment more fully later, as I have a train to catch. Just one observation at this stage, watch your register. The dialogue is ... view book

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