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I am 49 years old with 30 years practical spiritual knowledge and experience combined with five years full-time reading Religious Studies at university.

Although I came from a poor family and was subjected to serious child abuse, I have turned my life around with episodes of both conscious and spontaneous spiritual healing.

I was born in New Zealand and moved to live in Germany in 2008. My soul brought me to the middle of the Harz Mountains where I bought a house in the picturesque Selke Valley, adjacent to the Selke river. Apart from reading, writing and looking after my family, I keep busy renovating our house and developing the land for self-sufficiency.

In my first book, 'The Purpose of Pain', I have drawn some original and sensible conclusions to the dilemma of suffering. This is not a re-write of traditional themes but an original look at suffering in a context apart from punishment.

In my second book 'The Self-Healing Soul', I use the concept of the 'spiritual instincts' that I introduced in 'The Purpose of Pain' and expand ít to show how there are natural healing functions in the make-up of or unconscious that can lead to a spiritual and personal transformation.

I can be emailed at osiris7nz@yahoo.co.nz

favourite books

Myths and legends from every culture - too many to list.
'The Odyssey' by Homer.
The fragments from ‘On Nature’ and everything by Heraclitus
‘The Republic’, ‘Symposium’ and most works by Plato.
‘The Apology’ by Justin Martyr
‘On the Union With God’ and everything by Meister Eckhart.
‘The Cloud of Unknowing’ by Anonymous
‘Discourses’ and most writings by Rumi
'Towards a Critique on Hegel's Philosophy', by L. Feuerbach.
‘Symbols of Transformation’ by C. G Jung.
'The Idea of the Holy' by Rudolf Otto.
‘Moses and Monotheism’ by Sigmund Freud.
'Freud and the Jewish Mystical Tradition' by David Bakan
‘Freud and Man’s Soul’ by Bruno Bettelheim.
'Honest to God' by John A.T. Robinson.
The Phenomenon of Man' and everything by Pierre Teilhard de Chardin.
'Physics and Philosophy' by Werner Heisenberg.
'On Science and Religion' by Albert Einstein.
‘God and the New Physics’ by Paul Davies.
'The Ending of Time.' (Dialogue) By J. Krishnamurti and David Bohm
'The Making of a Counter-Culture' and 'Where the Wasteland Ends' by Theodore Roszak.
‘God's Problem: How the Bible Fails to Answer Our Most Important Question - Why We Suffer.’ and most books by Bart D. Ehrman
The ‘Harry Potter’ series by J K. Rowling
‘Lord Of The Rings’ and the ‘The Hobbit’ by J.R.R. Tolkien
‘The Chronicles of Narnia’ C.S. Lewis

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I wrote 605 days ago

Dear Jori, Well I have returned and read parts of your updated version. The detailed synopsis in the table of contents os a very good idea and allows the reader to choose better what they want to read. I see that you have now made some clear statements about how you see God and the mosaic law. This... view book

I wrote 605 days ago

Hello Eric, This is a great sci-fi novel with a narrative that brings it into every day life in such a way that it is all very plausible. I loved the intro developing Charlie's personality against the predator teacher (havent we all had one of them?). His capture and hypnotism are well described ... view book

I wrote 605 days ago

Hello Heather, I am impressed with what I have read of your book. You have dealt with the inner emotion and searching of Mia in a very deep and vivid way. Using her father's reaction to her scar as well as the attention on the train from strangers is a good juxtaposition that really catches the rea... view book

I wrote 606 days ago

Hello Inda,I enjoyed reading what you have uploaded and found the narrative not only very fluid but also very intense at the same time. This is a difficult thing to do and you have managed the correct balance. Your characters are very 3-d and they evoke many of the time old questions about justice a... view book

I wrote 606 days ago

Dear Ian, This is a really funny book! Did you write it in a lightening proof bunker? Just joking :)). I love the way that you poke fun at the intellectual side of Biblical Criticism with all the end-notes and your humor reminds me of Rowan Atkinsons skits on being a priest. Have you ever seen on... view book

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