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Okay, so my name isn't really Harclubs Bartag. It comes from a time when the Australian public was grappling with a new wave of continental European immigrants, and I was in my first year of High School. The teacher was reading out the class list and the first name was 'Harclubs Bartag'. When no one responded, she continued on until the end of the list. My name was not called out, and I put two and two together.
'Um, Miss,' I said, raising my hand. 'My name is Hercules, not Harclubs.'
She obviously thought I was taking the piss. 'Don't be silly, Harclubs,' she said. 'What sort of a cruel parent would name their child Hercules?'

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Gertrude- Hermann Hesse
The Light Fantastic- Terry Pratchett
A Bend in the River- V S Naipaul
Unreliable Memoirs- Clive James
The End of the Affair- G Greene

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I wrote 210 days ago

Hello JR, thoroughtly enjoyed reading what you've put up thus far. I agree with Evangeline, your probably better off finding yourself an agent to shop this around, or at least sending out some query letters on your own. I've lurched out of autho-retirment to wave hello. We worked together once up... view book

I wrote 1263 days ago

Fabulous opening! Great characters. Very impressive. view book

I wrote 1269 days ago

An entertaining and sophisticated story presented in an easy-to-read style. Thoroughly enjoyable. view book

I wrote 1581 days ago

Interesting and fun to read. The letter at the end of chap 5 threw me because I thought I knew who ME was. Then chapter six ended up being a phantom chapter so I'll probably never know :( Fun and entertaining reading. view book

I wrote 1584 days ago

This has been on my shelf for a long time for a reason. I love it. What a wonderful collection of characters you've created. Enough comments, back to reading. Very entertaining stuff. view book

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