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I only put good books on my shelf.

The rest I hit with my handbag.

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BeeJoy wrote 301 days ago

How are you ? I am currently at 25 slowly dropping. Is there a chance....

Billie Storm wrote 302 days ago

Thank you for the backing, Hell's granny! Relieved you know a good t....

Kaychristina wrote 336 days ago

I survived the Handbag... Hello, Granny! Thank you so much for backin....

J.Adams wrote 382 days ago

Dear Granny, Thanks for adding my book to your shelf, I sincerely ap....

JennyWren wrote 383 days ago

Wow! I am thrilled to be on your shelf HG! [I'm allergic to handbags ....

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I wrote 681 days ago

I've got a lot of time for a good memoir, Crayton, especially one as well written as this. Pleased to award you six golden stars. Good luck! view book

I wrote 682 days ago

I'm not sure how a bear killing a mother on page one will go down with younger children but I was entranced by the sheer quality of writing. Very well done, Ms Dean, you have a new fan. HG view book

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