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cynthiababy wrote 688 days ago

HELLO, My name is Cynthia Donatus,I am interested in you....

Bill Carrigan wrote 755 days ago

Hi Perryn-- In case you didn't notice my message of 110 days ago, "Th....

Bill Carrigan wrote 866 days ago

Dear Perryn, As you can see, "The Doctor of Summitville" now ranks....

ndaye wrote 925 days ago

(rafica_4ndaye@yahoo.com) My name is rafica i saw your profile toda....

JohnDoe wrote 1092 days ago

Hi Perry, If you have some time maybe, a couple of books either of....

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I wrote 1215 days ago

I don't like mediaeval historical fiction as a rule - I avoid it - and I generally find hist fic which starts with the birth of a baby particularly cloying and cliche, yet with your fine, spare and stark opening, you defy both my prejudices and hooked my interest. You have captured the spareness an... view book

I wrote 1220 days ago

I really like the look of this. You've got the dialogue down very well, and the whole of chapter one unfolds with the languor of the very rich and very bored, which is excellent, intriguing and engaging the imagination. However, you do need to recheck it for all the missed commas and the occasiona... view book

I wrote 1223 days ago

The paragraph that begins, "They moved upon..." is one of truly exquisite prose. For that alone, you must sit on my shelf--take it like a man! Cheers - Perryn view book

I wrote 1294 days ago

Utterly superb opening sentence: vivid, liquid, beautiful. I've just had time to read chapter one this evening. And I think this is a fascinating angle on a tale which is among my favourites. Palamedes is suitably a complete and utter boor--so absolutely well done there on creating a wholly be... view book

I wrote 1297 days ago

You have a superlative atmospheric opening to this and with it you draw me straight onto the ship, straight into the action, directly into the tension of your character's returning to Britain as a Roman soldier. Everything is just super. I loved the spooked and disgruntled horses. That was excell... view book

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