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Best-selling author of 'Maniac', 'Sybernika' and 'By the Light of the Silvery Moon' (amongst others). Award winning short film maker. Playwright. Screenwriter. Winner of the British Fantasy Society Short Story Contest. Stuff like that.

You can get a free copy of my dystopian sci-novel 'Sybernika' courtesy of Philistine Press here: www.sybernika.com

favourite books

Dr Frankensteins's Gift to Womankind
Riders on the Storm
Walpurgis Night
A Plague of Hearts
Angel of the Bus Shelter
(all written by me)

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Tommy and the Groobler

Patrick Whittaker

Can Tommy defeat the Groobler and avoid being turned into a meat pie?

Mushwell Rangers have made it to the play-offs. If they defeat the detested Vilechester Rovers, they will be playing in the First Division next season. Tommy is the Rangers' biggest fan and is looking forward to the biggest game in the club's history.

Things get strange and exciting when Tommy finds a message in a bottle. It is from Lenny the Lion, Mushwell Rangers' beloved mascot. He has been kidnapped by the Groobler.

Without their mascot, Mushwell will lose to Vilechester.

It's up to Tommy to rescue Lenny the Lion. But can he do it before kick off? And will he survive the Groobler's ruthless attempts to kill him?


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Mawdlin wrote 6 days ago

Hello Patrick, Thanks so much for your backing. I've not been on h....

Becca wrote 8 days ago

Glad to see you still here :) thanks for the support. I WL'd and it's....

Adam Richardson wrote 8 days ago

Hi Patrick, Thank you so much for backing 'Orbs and the Attack of ....

Rachel H Campling wrote 8 days ago

Hello Patrick, Thank you so much for backing 'Emma's Magic Bookmark'....

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No problem. I'll take another look and examine the comma situation ag....

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I wrote 241 days ago

Hi Bill. Here's the spanking I long ago promised you. You've come up with a lively read full of interesting surprises. It's as if you've gone out of your way to keep it fresh and interesting for the reader - something surprising few readers on Authonomy bother to do. You've clearly been having... view book

I wrote 858 days ago

Hi Nathan. I see you've been visted by La Greenstein. The good news is that he talks the same kind of shit whatever book he's critting. You may want to take a look at some of his work to see if this is a man whose advice on writing is worth listening to -> http://www.goodreads.com/story/show/24... view book

I wrote 991 days ago

Before you even consider Monkeyfeet's advice, perhaps you should take a look at a sample of his own writing and ask yourself if this is a person who know anything at all about good story-telling: http://www.goodreads.com/story/show/241633-sea-quest view book

I wrote 1073 days ago

Having read your first chapter, I feel I have to say that the person who calls himself 'MonkeyFeet' is talking bollocks and you should ignore him. He obviously has trouble comprehending the simplest of things - such as the fact that the story begins at your grandmother's house. What a tosser! view book

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