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I'm a native Southern Californian who loves to travel, read and watch movies. I'm married to a terrific guy who loves to cook (a definite plus) and we have three fantastic kids.

favourite books

Wuthering Heights, The Catcher in the Rye, Sue Grafton mysteries, any by Carl Hiaasen, all five of the Hitchhiker's Guide trilogy, and Lisa Kleypas wallflower series.

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Guardian Devil

Karyn S. Mendoza

Every time you hear a bell an angel gets...revenge!

Vibiana Morales met with a tragic death when she fell from a stripper pole on amateur night at The Jug Hut. As if that weren’t bad enough, she discovers she has to pay penance for a few uncharitable acts she committed her last days on Earth.
Gideon, her intriguing supervisor, explains she is to be a guardian angel. Unfortunately, she’s to be the guardian of that prissy, job stealing, man snatching Sabrina Barrett, Vibi’s long standing nemesis and the wife of Jesse de Marco - the jerk who stood Vibiana up at the altar!
Ignoring the advice and warning, (as well as the butterflies in the stomach) Gideon gives her, Vibiana seizes the opportunity to wreak havoc with Sabrina’s life by; joyfully dishing out bad hair days, stubbing fragile toes, misplacing keys and ruining every romantic moment Jesse and Sabrina try to share. But Vibi takes it too far. Sabrina’s job is in jeopardy and her marriage is on the rocks.
Will Vibiana be able to set aside her own feelings and right her wrongs? Will she be able to gain back Gideon’s trust and respect…and earn his love? Her soul depends on it.


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I wrote 937 days ago

Now that's a good jacket cover!! Happy New Year, Karyn view book

I wrote 953 days ago

This book is terrific! I couldn't stop reading once I started. This book is so well written and much more engaging than a majority of the novels published and for sale. Your characters were real, the mix-ups were dealt with quickly and smartly, and the humor was delicious. Light hearted without ... view book

I wrote 953 days ago

William, I really like this story. Your writing flows smoothly and I love the ease of your style. You paint a vivid picture with your words and I like being in Robbie's world. My only criticism is your jacket cover - I don't think it pairs well with your story, I think you need something sleeker... view book

I wrote 967 days ago

I am really enjoying the clear picture this story paints not only of the physical scenery but also the emotional characteristics of each character. I like my heroines to have brains and a quick cleverness and Carly certainly does. Well done. I can see The Governess, as well as Ms. Weaver, becomin... view book

I wrote 967 days ago

Thank you Pete! I appreciate that. Karyn view book

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