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Recently self published author.

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Anything related to history and philosophy .

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http://vic-velasquez.blogspot.com     http://www.amazon.com/Fantastica-ebook/dp/B007JWIK

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Fantastica VOLUME 2 (Updated u....

Victorio Velasquez

This is a sneak a peek into the yet unedited/unformatted volume 2 of my parody/satire series set to be published sometime this year. ENJOY

To put it in a nutshell, this answers the "what happened to Dope" question and picks up on the development of the invasion force being led by Shit. This new volume has even more of the same humor along with the flare for dramatic intrigue intermixed with the intense action of epic battles that sets it apart from the first volume. FANTASTICA!! The literary future of satire is already here!!



Victorio Velasquez

Parody/satire that spoofs movie and TV fiction/fantasy. Its the flip side of Game of Thrones with more humor, sex, drugs, and rock n roll fun.

The world of Fantastica is an enchanted magical land with politically social upheaval and racial divide. Two close friends, Shit and Dope, both of whom are from different origins and backgrounds, break the law of the land for partaking in the weeklong Pigshit festival. This special festival held annually for the peaceful common people and forest beasts that reside outside of the great city is disrupted by a military dispatch of cavalry troops dealing justice in the name of the cat emperor/demigod deity who has always ruled his provincial lands with an oppressive iron paw. This sets off the intricate chain of events that leads to the two friends being separated, and to individually embark on different paths of destiny. This is FANTASTICA, the dark new age parody/satire/spoof series of the fiction/fantasy genre like no other before or after.


Fantastica volume 3 (The supe....

Victorio Velasquez

The 3rd volume of my satire of fiction/fantasy book series Fantastica.

This volume details the aftermath of the failed invasion. Shit and his surviving allies are taken prisoner to the great city to live a new life of enslaved servitude as gladiators for the emperor's amusement. Meanwhile, Dope returns to resuming life as a scantily clad palace slave.


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I wrote 369 days ago

I like how this starts with action and maintains that consistent flow of pacing throughout. Too many new writers nowadays start with an action packed beginning in the first paragraph to hook the reader, then the next 20 pages is a bunch of mundane plot buildup before anymore action happens again. Bu... view book

I wrote 371 days ago

LOL!! Kudos on this Father Brennan character that you have created. In a perfect world, this could be made into a TV series or a movie. I would love to get hammered drunk with this guy and go fishing. view book

I wrote 371 days ago

This type of fiction is not my cup of tea when it comes to what I want to read. With that said, this book is very well written and easy to read. Even if this is not my type of reading preference, I can definitely see how this can reach out to a broad demographic. In this day and age, children's fict... view book

I wrote 378 days ago

I must say I admire your courage in sharing such a personal story. I too have faced depression. Mainly because of my personal failures in life in not living up to the pressures of American culture for a man to be a financial success to attain a nice house a trophy wife and several kids. I turned to ... view book

I wrote 379 days ago

At first I was a little confused with the 4 weeks before and 3 hours after sequence within consecutive chapters. But I got it now and I must commend you on how you created this intricate web of different timelines integrated within the plot. Also got a chuckle how you make the narrator aware that he... view book

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