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Hi all! I’m the J of the SJ McClanahan team behind Sea of Jasmine and The Memoirs of Katie Shea Maddock: The 13th Quilt.

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http://blog.themcclanahans.org     https://www.facebook.com/SJMcClanahan

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BeeJoy wrote 343 days ago

Hello...how is your day? Would you want to swap reads and comment? to....

Joshua Roebuck wrote 376 days ago

Hi Jason ;) Sea People is coming along. I just passed 25k words, w....

Joshua Roebuck wrote 378 days ago

Hi, Jason. In case it didn't show, I really was thrilled to hear from....

Joshua Roebuck wrote 379 days ago

Hey! No need to flash eyelids at me. I got you online after five mont....

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Hello , Hope you are well. Maybe you would like to try out my new....

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I wrote 604 days ago

Club Grimoire - Chapter 1 Review I liked this chapter. There are apparently a lot of people, if comments that I've seen (throughout Authonomy) are any indication, that want "Action! Action! Action! Did I mention Action!?" And they want it from the start. I personally disagree. As my father use t... view book

I wrote 625 days ago

This is a nicely engaging story. Being a created setting, there's the need to have stuff explained, but it's not info dumped yet neither is it doled out too slowly. Thus, I was easily able to dive into the story, and relax and rely on it to fill in the blanks as the need came around. Short Pitc... view book

I wrote 627 days ago

This is a very well written and engrossing story. Since it's earth-based, there's no need to pick up on a brand new setting, but it also has a number of new terms (e.g. Meshing), and expressions to get use to, yet they're introduced in such a way that the reader isn't left feeling lost. Short pi... view book

I wrote 665 days ago

Hello April, I've read the first five chapters of The Illusion and it's proving to be an enjoyable read. I've happily shelved it and fully plan on continuing once I finish finding other books to shelve. Alex is a wonderful female lead and Sam offers a nice, slightly comedic offset. You're ab... view book

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