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Agents can contact me at andib88@comcast.net

I'm happy to read and comment on books here, but PLEASE DON'T ASK ME TO READ FANTASY, SCI-FI OR ANCIENT HISTORY.

I'm a walking oxymoron - idealistic yet a tad cynical, funny and serious, a person of substance who's a hoot to spend time with. I'm a multi-lingual world traveler, professional fundraiser and divorced mother of two in the Boston area. I've written three novels, a musical and I've just completed my first screenplay. I've gotten enough positive feedback from a few agents on ANIMAL CRACKER to believe that publication is possible. Never say die!

I encourage you to check out and consider backing and starring the books on my shelf.

And please take a look at the following - they're all good.

Mrs. Jones - BA Norton
Suddenly Strangers - Janny Peacock
GFB Grown Fokes Bidness - Hall-Crews
Line "Em Up - Suzanne Adams
A Reason to Stay - Claire Evans
The Secret Diary - Natalie Martin
The Multiple Choice - Monicque Sharman
Catnip by Valerie Tate
God of the Cocoa by Marilyn Rodwell
and, last but not least...
Hens from Hell by Katina Grist Jones

Thanks, Bradley Wind, for the fantastic cover!

favourite books

My tastes are all over the map. Here's a sampling:
The Return of the Native
Early Joyce Carol Oates
The Corrections
Cloud Atlas (amazing)
Anything by Philip Roth
Everything by William Trevor

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Animal Cracker

Andi Brown

If Carl Hiaasen and The Office had a baby, it might look something like ANIMAL CRACKER.

Can a bunch of smart, sassy women get the goods on their boss at Boston’s venerable Animal Protection Agency? Hal Mason is Brad-Pitt handsome, with a Harvard professor wife and an adorable but shiftless son who wins the heart of Diane Salvi, the organization’s new communications director and the book’s narrator.

The malapropping, narcissistic Hal, famous for his animal-themed ties and jokes, has managed to earn the adulation of the organization’s board of directors and the scorn of his staff. When his negligence leads to the dog poop literally hitting the fan, Diane and her reporter roommate Genie set out to dig up some dirt on him, with a little help from friends in the office.

There's never a bad time for a fun read in which the good guys (or gals) wreak vengeance on a conniving boss who deserves no less.


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I wrote 837 days ago

hi,, I think you may have an interesting story here. i'm guessing English isn't your first language, as I found several awkward word choices, and mistakes in tense. You may want to consider an editor to help you. I'm a believer in the writer's maxim "Show, don't tell." and I found a fair amount... view book

I wrote 844 days ago

hi claire, this was a pleasure to read. well done! i do have a few suggestions...and a question. re:the smart goals, i think you actually need to delienate them somehow -italics? font? identation?- from rewards, etc. instead of having them run together, i would elaborate a bit on mee... view book

I wrote 848 days ago

Hi, I think you have a good premise here. I have some ideas on how to make it better. I found several examples of "overwriting." You don't need to say "i felt disgusting." You haved nicely described her disgusting state. Ditto "it was a depressing thought" and "It was so laid back." "I'm... view book

I wrote 902 days ago

I agree with pretty much everything the reader below said. Very well written, but the prologue information could be woven in throughout., which you've actually done pretty well in the first chapter. It's also a bit dense, and hard to follow, at least for me. I do think you have something good ... view book

I wrote 932 days ago

Hi Ken, Well, you were very persuasive, so I did take a look. I have to say, this isn't for me. Despite your urging not to look at the writing, I couldn't ignore it. I found the myriad errors in grammar and punctuation very distracting, and they made it difficult for me to engage with the st... view book

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