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***I am currently re-editing my book.

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cynthiababy wrote 790 days ago

HELLO, My name is Cynthia Donatus,I am interested in you....

ndaye wrote 1027 days ago

(rafica_4ndaye@yahoo.com) My name is rafica i saw your profile toda....

Tope Apoola wrote 1420 days ago

I'd like to happily announce that the novel, Times of the supermen is....

Tope Apoola wrote 1420 days ago

I'd like to happily announce that the novel, Times of the supermen is....

esterlove wrote 1593 days ago

Hello dear, my name is Ester,i saw your profile today and it really ....

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I wrote 1656 days ago

Hello Bojan, I loved how you created a complex plot and judging by your ranking many others do too. I do like the history elements within your story. I like to read stories with an original, engaging plot and yours does not fail to deliver. Your martial arts concept right from the beginning pu... view book

I wrote 1657 days ago

Greetings Raven, I sure liked the beginning prophecy of your book well written and suspenseful. It gives us the subtle foreshadowing of what the character has to become or is. Your short pitch really brought my interest to this. How will she save her people if she has to destroy the world? It... view book

I wrote 1658 days ago

Hi there Ian, I liked the topic entwined with your book. I have heard the topics of read heads and what they were subject to. I suppose it could be because red hair genetically is one of the rarest hair colors. So it is of little wonder why people of read hair would be considered physically di... view book

I wrote 1659 days ago

Greetings Kevin, Just getting around for your return read. The first issue I saw in your prologue is you are missing a comma after but. Honestly speaking, I really did not notice this at first because I was pulled into your story. I gave off a history book appeal and I personally like that. I... view book

I wrote 1660 days ago

Dear Tony, The first item I thought I should tell you about (in your prologue) is that I think you are missing the comma before the first "but." Also, I do not know if this is your intent, however, I thought you used a "but" a little too much. When I first read this, it distracted me too much. ... view book

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