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My hobbies are reading and writing. I will take time to read your work and back it if I like it enough or comment [mostly one or the other rarely both due to lack of time].

Thank you.

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favourite books

The firm, Bridget Jones diary, The testament, Jewels,
and many more from; Danielle steel; John Grisham; Sydney Sheldon; Mills and Boons, well, let me just say I read all sorts of fiction.

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H. Nherera

How will Peter; a poor man manage to overcome the obstacles in his path and realise his dream of becoming the second President of Zimbabwe?

Peter is a twenty year old man who dreams to escape the extreme poverty life he had endured in the village of Marowa. To get a better life he needs education but education costs money but he has none so how will he make it?

His quest for a better life leads him to the place he feared the most .

This book will also give you an understanding of the less known traditions of Zimbabwe such as;
rituals which are held to bring back the spirit of the dead;
Rain making dance known as mkwerera which is held when asking for rain
and the rather disturbing priviledge for men which allows them to fondle or engage in sexual activities with the family members of their wives [known as chiramu] which have seen many girls commiting suicide and getting hiv/aids after being victims.

Will Peter make history by becoming the first person in the village to attend University?


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(rafica_4ndaye@yahoo.com) My name is rafica i saw your profile toda....

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hello, my name is james revino, i am the author of The World Blinked.....

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Hi , I wonder if you might consider backing Going Out in Style. I....

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I wrote 1638 days ago

Thank you for the advice, I will apply it when I start editing. Many thanks. view book

I wrote 1650 days ago

Frank I've enjoyed reading the first 3 chapters of your book. I found it to be well written and interesting.And you definitely have good knowledge and understanding about police work/crime investigating which makes your book one of the best books I've read in this genre so far on authonomy. Defini... view book

I wrote 1659 days ago

@LittleDevil This is my first time to go public with this book it was private all along but Manu is surely a popular name in Africa. Thanx so much for your support! Anashe view book

I wrote 1860 days ago

Hi, Mat I planned to take a look at your book ealier but time never allowed so I have finally made it today and I didn't want to stop. You've a powerful imagination and the setting is perfect. Will continue to read and comment but for now; WL, will create space for it on my shelve soon. Goodluck... view book

I wrote 1870 days ago

Hie Tom, I'm glad I had finally managed to get a few free minutes to finally read the first 8 chapters of your book. I like the plot, it is very imaginative. The only thing; I found myself skipping some paragraphs as I read, mostly because I enjoy to read dialogue more than the narrative parts and... view book

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