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Hey guys, I'm Noelle.

I'm friendly and out-going, and quiet and shy all at once. I'm never afraid to be true to myself, and if you looked up the definition of weird in the dictionary, my name would probably be there.

Don't spam me unless you want to swap. If you ask for a swap, please be nice and go first. I don't read books listed as adult.

I'm looking for an agent and/or publisher, who can contact me here if they want to. The Drifter is my current project.

Live long and prosper!

favourite books

Absolutely too many to count.

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my books

The Drifter

Noelle J. Alabaster

Trouble on the trail forces a young drifter to stop running and face the demons of his dark past.

Cash Rider was content to drift westward for the rest of his days. But when a failed robbery injures the young man and lands him in the care of beautiful Melissa Evans, he is suddenly thrown into a series of events that are destined to change his life forever.

Lies and secrets are slowly discovered one by one, and as Melissa begins to fall for him, Cash must decide what he values most. Tensions rise until an expected letter sends him to Boston, Massachusetts, where the one surviving link to his past is waiting.

With a murder hanging over his head and his greatest enemy returning to haunt him, Cash must make a decision--risk everything in hope of finding true love again, or run?


Dark Origins

Noelle J. Alabaster

No one should have to pay for someone else's sins . . .

Everyone has a past. But some pasts are darker than others.

Joy Gallanger has a secret, one that's been kept hidden from the world; and because of that secret, she put on a mask and became the vigilate Miss Justice.

Her nightlife isn't easy. Her pursuers vary, between the city's police and the city's villains. Trying to be two people at the same time is one step away from impossible, and she realized a long time ago that being a superhero isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.

Even as she struggles to come to terms with her own horrifying past, crime lord Jonas Thompson arrives in Sunset City with plans to make the city his own. The problem is, he doesn’t plan on making room for an insolent teenager with a knack for being irritating; and he might do what no one else could--kill Miss Justice.

But she won't quit. Her past won't let her. Her secret will drive her on--even if it means death will take another life too young, too soon.

Book 1 of the series Justice For All.



Noelle J. Alabaster

Imagine what the world would be like if Hitler had won. Blake Nightrunner doesn't have to imagine.

My name's Blake. I'm a rebel.

Fighting Nazis has always been a way of life for me. Blowing up Nazis bases is the best--that's always fun. It's not all fun and games, but I've learned to survive in a world of danger and death, and even have some fun along the way. I have friends, family, and a life that, for me, is normal. But when my older brother goes MIA and is presumed dead, I learn that being a rebel isn't as fun as I thought it was. After all... being first in command of the entire Northeastern rebel force isn't a job to be taken lightly.


Rosanna Maxwell, Spy

Noelle J. Alabaster

My name's Rosanna Maxwell. I'm a spy.

Spies aren't just in action novels and comic books. I should know--I'm one. Seriously.

My story begins when things were pretty normal. I was working on a case with my fiance, and it was a regular day in the life of a spy. Don't ever say, "It was just another day" . . . you'll jinx yourself. Because the minute I let my guard down, a dark figure from my past appeared.

Getting shot by an old friend-turned-enemy is not fun. Especially when he's determined to have you--or make sure nobody else will. Talk about tough love.

I'm always gettting into the thick of things. But this time, I'm in over my head. Way over my head.


New Alliances

Noelle J. Alabaster

Angela Ross: a lieutenant in the SCPD and Miss Justice's . . . partner?

Crimefighting, her friends, her social life, and now eleventh grade are taking up all of Joy's time. Then a surprise encounter smacks her in the face: Joy meets Lieutenant Angela Ross and is stunned by her offer. And slightly angered.
Miss Justice doesn't need a partner--or does she? Is this the first step towards a friendly relationship with the law? Or is the whole thing a trap, to finally capture the shadow that can't be caught?

Book 2 of Justice for All.


Big Sister

Noelle J. Alabaster

A wise-cracking sidekick is the last thing Miss Justice needs.

After a gang stages a holdup and eleven people are murdered, Joy steps up to the plate and offers to adopt newly-orphaned Katie Winstock. After all, what harm can a twelve-year-old do?
But not long after moving in, Katie discovers Joy's biggest secret. Now not only does a mourning child hold Joy’s fate in her hands, but Miss Justice has a new problem to deal with--a sidekick calling herself Freedom. Can Joy cope with this new member of her family?

Book 3 of Justice for All.


Buried Alive

Noelle J. Alabaster

Joy is always getting herself into trouble . . . but getting trapped underground with criminals is definitely the worst so far.

While Miss Justice and Detective Ashburn are follwing several criminals, they and over one hundred people are trapped in a building after an explosion. To make matters even worse, so are the crooks they were tracking down.
With panic-stricken civilians and deadly murderers on her hands, Miss Justice struggles to keep everyone alive until the rescue forces arrive. But Miss Justice is in danger herself—with a bullet in her shoulder and a clock that won’t stop ticking, Miss Justice will be lucky to get out alive.

Book 4 of Justice for All.


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