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YAY i can finally back books, thanks firefox :)

South Wales

Writing fantasy is my dream come true. Ever since I wrote 'Babylon' i have been addicted to the drug of fiction and I don't think i will ever stop using it.

As my prose has becomes more advanced I find that I have been sucked into a new world altogether. I am no longer looking for inspiration, playing fantasy games or being inspired my films. Instead I am creating my own ideas.

Gone are my wild ideas of elves and man. The next world I am working on is beyond fantasy. Beyond what people would call fan fiction.

I am half way through writing a new language, I have created a map and I am now on the precipice of a whole new world. My God, I am surprising myself. Just to think I have only a GCSE in english language, if only my teachers could see me now XD

favourite books

The Soldier Son Trilogy-Robin Hobb
Lord of the Rings-JRR Tolkein
1984-George Orwell
Fight Club-Chuck Palanuik

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Gothique Raconteur

Coemgein A. Broome-An

Black death stalks the Axiom. Not as a plague but as daemons, Dommu's Spawn coming to wreak his wroth. Can we survive?

Snatched from a peaceful world, I had my head baptised in the fires of war at the age of ten. Death follows me and swords can only postpone the inevitable. Friends are few these days and when you are tainted enemies are many. But on this verge I stand, toes curled over the edge, staring into the precipice where my life once resided. Take my hand. Stop me from falling. Ha! laugh as I might, already my legs are going weak at the mere thought of the eternal void that will embrace me at the end of my hundred mile journey to Earth. Take my hand, Mama. Hold me back, Dommu, for your brood has taken from me everything I could ever love. Mother, friends...even my own selfish life. I spit over the edge of the Cataclysm and watch my black sputum disappear into the forever. Now comes the Sun, its great eye, the only one witness to my betrayal of flesh. I spit again and fling myself over the edge, too late now. Recount my tale at your whim, Death is all that will know my name, now.


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fam2fam wrote 777 days ago

Hello Sweetie my name is jenifer, am a free minded,open hearted girl....

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(rafica_4ndaye@yahoo.com) My name is rafica i saw your profile toda....

KirkH wrote 922 days ago

Hi, I hope you can get a chance to read parts of my college caper cr....

Eponymous Rox wrote 975 days ago

Hullo there. I'm still a reader on Authonomy scouting for new authors....

JohnDoe wrote 1040 days ago

Hey, sorry if I've told you the one about the Lunatic before - check ....

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I wrote 1249 days ago

hey carl, i had a read of the first chapter and enjoyed it. i love post-apocalypse and fantasy stories. there are a few things, which from reading other comments, others have picked up on. strange grammer with colons and semi-colons where a comma or nothing would take its place, and rogue capi... view book

I wrote 1254 days ago

i'm up to chapter 5 now. when i read the first two chapters i felt a 'fight club' vibe, the desolate feeling etc. but after that it brightened up, and by the fourth chapter i was reminded of the beginning of the film 'hostel'. i look forword to finding out how David goes from the swinging lifestyle ... view book

I wrote 1279 days ago

i both like and dislike this books, i enjoy post-apoc books but felt the wild west theme a bit off-putting. i felt like 'the book of eli' but set in the wild west rather than a post-apocalypse. i'll read a little more, see if i can change my mind, Kevin How Gods Frolic & Where Evil Dwells view book

I wrote 1289 days ago

A unique style which doesn't alienate the reader from the world it is set. Unlike pretty much any other fantasy I have ever read. It reminds me a bit of Terry Pratchett, the way we are brought into the characters mind and world without too much faffing like old fantasies. Enjoyed it very much a d... view book

I wrote 1308 days ago

i loved the first chapter as soon as i read the words 'but mondays are downright abusive' rofl. i like how the character lives in a fantasy world, with the inner monologue referring to roman and greek gods and the robin hood myth. Kevin view book

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