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Nothing much to say about me, just an average guy leading an average life(if there is such a thing.).
Limited writing skill but an endless amount of stories to tell .
"The Domino Effect"
We all know a world where war,famine,hate,prejudice and greed are just a few of the countless crosses that mankind has to bear.
Now imagine a world where you are free to live wherever you want, where borders no longer exist, where food is plentiful on both the land and in the sea, a place where your neighbour is your friend regardless of colour or creed, a world where the balance is right, where man lives within natures rules and doesn't try to break them.
Imagine a world where you live as nature intended for as long as nature intended and not an artificial life where drugs prolong an agony beyond the natural span.
Imagine a world where every life is precious, where every life is fruitful and where every lifetime had meaning and purpose.
Utopia isn't a place, it's a time and that time will come.

favourite books

"The Odessa File" by the great man himself
"The Brotherhood of the Rose" David Morrell.
" The Choir boys " J Wambaugh.

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my books

"The Domino Effect."


If country after country became bankrupt, money became worthless, trade ceased and governments collapsed, what would you do? could you survive "The Domino Effect" ?

" The Domino Effect " charts the cause and effect of the financial collapse of the worlds economy, it details how, with one swift blow, mankind is plunged headlong back into the dark ages, where it is everyone for themselves and where survival of the fittest is tested to the extreme.
Despite all the chaos and carnage, despite the depths that man sinks to just to survive, mankind seems to find a way out of the darkness and begins a new way of life.
There are many things that man can live without, computers, cars, electricity, the list is endless but one thing that is vital for mankinds survival and that is mans humanity, of which without, we are simply animals.
Andrew .C. Wilson.


" The Letterman Project."

Andrew. C. Wilson.

What do you do when the world you live in has changed beyond recognition, it's got ugly and you want out,what would you do?

"Tom and Karen Letterman were disillusioned with Britains ' Broken Society'.When a horrific incident happens to them, they decide to opt-out and move to a remote part of the Highlands. Here they find their little piece of ' Heaven on Earth'.
They adopt a self sufficient lifestyle and settle down into Highland life, only to find that life can deal you some unexpected cards and that darkness falls even in paradise.


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tone099 wrote 53 days ago

My name is Peter Reich, special investigator to the Pope and former c....

whoster wrote 67 days ago

Thanks for the backing, Andrew. Very kind of you and much appreciated....

RTCA wrote 67 days ago

Andrew, Thanks so much for giving Untitled a spot on your bookshelf.....

Jeff Prentice wrote 68 days ago

Andrew, Thank you for your backing. I've only perused your two book....

Tom Ericson wrote 87 days ago

Hi Andrew, A belated Happy New Year to you and I trust you are well.....

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I wrote 548 days ago

Hello Anthony, I'm not one for commenting on peoples work, but I feel compelled to do so in this case. I find your writing very honest and heartfelt. You have a gift / skill that seems to pull people into your story. No sooner had I started a chapter than the next thing I know I'm at the end of it,... view book

I wrote 958 days ago

Bobby, it's a privilage and pleasure to read this, loved the pitch and the content most certainly didn't dissapoint. I look forward to reading the rest, All the best with this, andy. view book

I wrote 1406 days ago

Simon, I'm going to be absolutly blunt here, I found your first chapter a struggle, it didn't live up to your clip, however as you progressed through your story the real you seemed to come out, it flowed more naturally, felt right and more so, as you progress through your story, I , the reader relax... view book

I wrote 1407 days ago

Hello Millie, I'm a great lover of history and I class myself as a romantic soul.The journey you take us on with your warm and very personal/ intimate tale is very compelling, your use of language draws me right there in person, It may be because it's used in the first person,I don't know but it's v... view book

I wrote 1434 days ago

I must confess to only reading 3 chapters(All that time will allow) but even after the first, I was was hooked, your writting seems to be very ' atmospheric' really draws the reader into the story painting the scene well. I haven't read enough to appreciate the plot and how it develops but the int... view book

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