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Thanks for the comments, messages, backing or bookshelving of Leap Tide. Your support is highly appreciated. I hope to comment on all who have commented already and after that I’ll try to get to as many books as possible. Please be patient with old slow couch. I’m working against a very tight deadline on my latest manuscript and can’t spend as much time as I would like to on this brilliant site and with you wonderful people.

Please note: I don’t automatically back as I feel that would defy the purpose here. If I criticise, remember it is only one person’s opinion.

I live in a tiny village just inland of South Africa’s Whale Coast. I write in Afrikaans and have published quite a few novels in the last 14 years.

In 2007 I changed genres and wrote my first suspense novel with Detective Gus Niemand in a secondary but important role. Readers liked him so much that I’m currently writing the fourth one and plan one more featuring Gus to make up a series of five in all. They average 150 000 words each.

Every book offers a brand new story with brand new main characters, but Gus is the detective who attempts to solve the murders in all of them.

I use the term ‘suspense novel’ loosely as the books have legs in more than one genre. There is suspense centring on the female protagonist, but also a detective. There is romance as well as a touch of social commentary. Murders take place but the plots are more character driven than action driven. The re-occurring theme of a mermaid legend lends a bit of magic realism to them and I employ subtle humour to bind it all together.

Leap Tide is the translation of the first Gus-book. I’m trying to draw the attention of an international agent or publisher but I’m really lousy at writing query letters.

As it is still in the process of being translated, I can offer you only a few chapters of Leap Tide.
I would dearly appreciate your comments.

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Tana French - In the Woods
Tana French - The Likeness
Jodi Picoult - Keeping Faith
Michael Robotham - Shattered
Unknown - Mari Jungstedt
Sue Monk Kidd - The Mermaid Chair
Sue Mon Kidd - The Secret Life of Bees
Laura Esquivel - Like water for Chocolate
Katherine Neville - The Eight
Ken Follet - Pillars of the Earth
Jean Auel - Clan of the Cave Bear
Jostein Gaarder - Sophie's World
Reif Larsen - The Selected Works Of T.S. Spivet
Ali Shaw - The girl with the glass feet
Alice Sebold - Those Lovely Bones
All Deon Meyer's books
Minette Walters' early books
Books by Jilliane Hoffman
Books by Joanne Harris

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Leap Tide

Chanette Paul

As killing her ex isn’t really an option, Lily decides to fix her shattered life. Leap Rock however has an insatiable appetite for victims.

Recently divorced and bereaved of her beloved godmother, Lily is a mental and emotional wreck when she arrives at her inherited cottage in Crux Cove.
Expecting peace and quiet, she’s unprepared for the dismal village, its eccentric inhabitants or the effect of the cliff that towers over it.
She certainly doesn’t need the likes of brooding Ben Brinkley in her life nor the scorn with which the Verster women treat her. Neither Ben’s mute ex fiancé, Blanche, nor her watchdog, Mister Gray, alleviate the situation. The same goes for Casey Brinkley, the mentally handicapped artist and Delphine, the woman of colour who knows far more than she lets on.
Leap Rock with its four commemorative crosses doesn’t give up its secrets easily, but gradually the stories emerge. The expanding picture they paint is not a happy one and the star of the story is Maya, Lily’s late godmother.
When Lily’s ex pitches up with his beige-bitch, she assumes things cannot get worse but when he disappears, they do. Even when she proves to be the main suspect, she still hasn’t hit the bottom.
This only happens when she looks a murderer in the eye at the top of Leap Rock.


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Sharon.v.o. wrote 814 days ago

Hello, As “Into the Deep” is about to make the ED I was wondering....

Diwrite wrote 814 days ago

Dear Chanette, Pascual lost his birthday in the Spanish Civil War.....

Davidmauriceware wrote 817 days ago

I would like to personally invite you to come and read my new novel. ....

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I would be very grateful if you could find the time to check my book ....

AuroraNemesis wrote 828 days ago

I would be very grateful if you could find the time to check my book ....

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I wrote 1518 days ago

I only had time to read the prologue, but I'm coming back for more. This fallen angel has grabbed me by the neck hairs. Brilliant writing. Backed. Chanette (Leap Tide) view book

I wrote 1521 days ago

Due to very limited time, I only read the 1st chapter/prologue. It is beautifully written, imaginative and evocative. I back this with pleasure. Chanette (Leap Tide) view book

I wrote 1521 days ago

Pacey action in the first chapter. I'm not fond of the omnicient narrator though. I like to be in a character's head while the action is happening. I also miss qualifying text, i.e. the text that indicates who says what and the interpretation that could go along with it. I can see this more as a... view book

I wrote 1523 days ago

I've only read chapter 1 but wow! Very well written. I would have left the last line out though. It's the narrator's only external intrusion. And maybe it gives away a little too much a little to early? Chanette view book

I wrote 1523 days ago

As a newcomer to the site and as English is my second language I feel a little apprehensive to criticize other writers' work. But here goes. I only read the first chapter and I felt it was well written but I didn't connect with Luke. Maybe this is just personal taste, but I'm not fond of the ob... view book

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