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I'm in love with words, the way that they can affect change and influence others for the better. I've led a Writers' Group for about two years, and out of that two of us actually finished, edited and polished books for publication. A third fulfilled a dream and went to a Writers' Conference - the power of mutual encouragement.

Many people consider the Bible dry toast, a book of reg's to be kept so God won't "get" us. What's ironic is that it is in reality a book of stories about people like you and I, and how they maintained a two-way relationship with an invisible - and sometimes visible - God.

For personal reasons, for anyone who is reading this, please do feel free to look or comment. But I won't be as active on Authonomy for an indeterminate period of time.

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The Golden Thread

Catherine J. Craig

Characters-turned-storytellers tell gripping stories of Jesus Christ’s lineage spanning thirty+ generations of Old Testament History, unveiling God’s secrets and revealing mankind’s purpose.

Together, with those enshrined in the lineage of Jesus Christ, listed in the Book of Matthew, I wait. I am only one of many who believed in the Promises, and like golden links in a long chain, our lives are the fabric of history.

From our ranks have come women - who through faith - willed their dead back to life, men who lived to see fire fall from the sky to devour their adversaries, and others who beat back thousands with only a few good men. Slaves wrongfully dragged into dark prison cells emerged to become kings.

My name is Abram.

I lick dirt from my crusted lips and rest my forehead on the dry broken ground silently willing Jerar my archenemy to die. He represents everything - and anyone - who has toyed with the passion consuming my every waking moment since I can remember. Jerar presses his foot into my back as if to push me even deeper into the packed dirt, while he belittles the dead mother I can barely recall.

”Abram,” he taunts as the other boys surrounding us jeer…


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I wrote 1478 days ago

I know someone who also died, to come back "because it wasn't his time yet". This is remarkably told. I don't have time to read it in its entirety right now, but might later. Catherine (The Golden Thread) view book

I wrote 1478 days ago

Ray, I've read the first chapter. Your development of Ruth's character is unique; it gives me shivers just thinking of this elderly woman dressed in such a way, with her hair done just so. The way you used the instruments to take off on was effective also - will read more if I get a chance. Backe... view book

I wrote 1479 days ago

The synopsis was good, but the first chapter was ingenious. Backed. Catherine (The Golden Thread) view book

I wrote 1480 days ago

It was interesting in the 1st Chapter where the two MC's personalities were in such contrast to one another, that this helped to amplify the sinister woman's characteristics. The 1st Chapter did a bang up job of intro-ing the MC's and a synopsis of what was ahead. Catherine (The Golden Thread) view book

I wrote 1480 days ago

Mummy's boy is so life-like that it could be a true story. I think I liked that it gave me a look into the head of someone like this. Everything has a hook, from the pitch, to the 1st and 2nd chapters. Backed. Catherine (The Golden Thread) view book

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