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Born, to a great father who was a great story teller and avid reader. My mother instilled in me to go after what I was good at in life. I wrote poetry as a child, but didn’t begin writing novels until long after I grew up. My first novel, Time Heals, Forgiveness Mends, was based on a story of a friend who endured many things that happened in Time Heals, therefore there was feelings and emotions affiliated while writing it. My second was of course my poetry book; from childhood to present, and the writing became so magical and fun that I still haven’t stopped after 28 books. I tried it all; my novels were from crime/mystery to fantasy, but the books that I’m the most proud of are my children’s books. These books are of lessons and values for the younger generation and for that I will continue to write because in todays’ times, it is much needed.
Two years ago, I met and married my husband who is now my writing buddy. His talents affiliated with writing are outstanding and having a Master’s in English helps tremendously. My having a Degree in Psychology is added perks to creating interesting stories. We are a team in every way; writing, living, traveling and simply enjoying our retirement together.

We have published eight books together, andhave traveled extensively to New York, Chicago and Florida where we enjoyed different cultures, and different environments. During their travels they began a journal, which led them to writing short stories.

*Pattimari achieved a teaching degree with a minor in Psychology, and later went on to achieve her psychology degrees. She worked with ADHD, Autistic and problem children, family counseling, seminars, workshops and groups. She sat on the board at Family Communication Center.
Peter achieved his teaching degrees in New York, and later moved to California to finish his teaching career. He is a master when it comes to watches and clocks; repairing and selling. He achieved his third-degree black belt and taught Jiu Jitsu for over twenty years.
Peter and Pattimari allow the creative process to develop by always knowing they are still in the learning process and with each book see improvement. They believe we all have a book inside of us, and to always cultivate new ideas, new settings, and new characters, while growing and feeling the creative part of the inward self is to move into the world of writing a story - a book.

favourite books

My Several Worlds by Pearl Buck is my absolute favorite reading, but I am an avivid reader - so there are so many, I couldn't list them all here, however I will mention one other~ Hermann Hesse.

Having said that, I enjoy reading books by new writers.
If I miss reading your book here, let me know.

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I wrote 66 days ago

Very well developed character images with an excellent protagonist. I had a little difficulty being pulled in, (perhaps you could make the beginning a little stronger with more of a pulling), but still, as I read on I could see that your story was going to be well worth the read in this first chapte... view book

I wrote 66 days ago

I rate this book as a five star book. It held my interest, it had a flow that walked right along with my mind as I read each word. I would recommend it to all those who enjoy a good well written book. Pattimari Cacciolfi view book

I wrote 104 days ago

Chapter one - ah, this chapter did indeed lead me right into your book and I plan on reading more chapters as days pass. Your visualization with the paint brush and painting made me want to dip right into my own oil painting. You describe it so well and give the character statement that she indeed... view book

I wrote 1732 days ago

I know why I shelved this book now, excellent writing and thanks for letting me know you uploaded 7. I like th dialogue, and would like more of it regarding Karen and her materialistic self, but your writing is good and I think you have a good storyline here. I will be back when you let me know wh... view book

I wrote 1733 days ago

What a clever idea with this storyline. Excellent. I haven't read but the first chapter, yet I find it funny. Great read and one I shall continue to read. view book

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