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I am the author of a novel called 'The Practical Woman's Guide to Living with the Undead' and I am working on two other novels, one of which also has a supernatural theme.

I have recently had a short story published in the anthology 'Loves Me, Loves Me Not' published by the Romantic Novelists Association, and another in the Mechanics Institute Review 6. I enjoy promoting my work at public readings such as Writloud. I'm very busy revising and updating my book on 'Authonomy' but I will comment on other people's work, hopefully with encouragement and some constructive criticism.

I will appreciate it if people are kind enough to comment on my book, and I much prefer constructive criticism to unconditional praise. I'm here in order to hone my writing and test it out on other readers, who can perhaps suggest ways to improve it and make my work more marketable.
I'm not here because I see this site as a route to publication, nor am I playing a snakes and ladders game to reach the editor's desk. In all honesty, folks, in my view, the best way to achieve publication is to redraft and redraft your work, study your craft, pitch your work to agents, and, if you do want a professional assessment, pay a reputable literary consultancy, or join excellent organisations such as the RNA, who offer a wonderful New Writers Scheme.

Good luck, everyone!

favourite books

The Gormenghast Trilogy--Mervyn Peake
The Eyre Affair-Jasper Fforde
Jonathan Strange and Mr Norrell-Susanna Clarke
Cold Comfort Farm--Stella Gibbons
Angel-Elizabeth Taylor
Atonement-Ian McEwan

and many, many more.........

my websites

http://www.bbk.ac.uk/writloud/Writers.htm#G     http://groansfrommygarret.blogspot.com/

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my books

Mandragora by Moonlight

Sue Gedge

A novel of love, witch-craft, shape-shifting and magic---and you'll never want to travel on the District Line again after reading this!

Jeanie Gowdie was a lonely young woman until she found a job in the Antioch Corey Memorial Library, fell in love with a shape-shifting magus and reinvented herself as a witch. Years before, her fanatically religious father had tried to oppress her but Jeanie had also been nurtured by her hedge-witch grand-mother, Nana Herrick, who told her she had a special destiny. But even Nana couldn't foresee that the man Jeanie loved would be turned into a cat and she'd have to do battle with Hopkins the witch-finder, the man who wanted to destroy every adept in London. How fortunate, then, that Jeanie wasn't easily intimidated.......


The Practical Woman's Guide to....

Sue Gedge

Divorce Lit. with vampires: a novel for those wiling to venture into the dark territory beyond the Aga!

Brave enough to venture into the dark, spooky territory beyond the Aga? Then meet Dora Harker, an ordinary divorced single mother as she battles with demons and vampires.
Dismayed to discover the ghost of her second mother- in- law in the house, Dora is grateful when Ralphie, a charming elderly man she met in a strangely Gothic pub, offers to perform an exorcism. But having been invited in, Ralphie is reluctant to leave and Dora’s perturbation increases when he reveals he is a vampire, Lord Ralph Dunglass de Marney, undead since 1944.
Dora thought she had the job from hell as a supply teacher in a North London comprehensive school, but she soon finds herself facing even greater horrors than class 9X on a Monday morning. Why is there a green, slimy lake in the middle of the living room? What really happened to her second husband Dave, when he set off on his fatal journey with his band, Chappaquiddick? Did Peregrine, her third husband really dabble in demonology? And what about the Apocalypse that Ralphie insists is imminent?
Dora certainly has a few issues to resolve, but maybe her charming, if inconvenient undead guest can help her after all!


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Sue, I read your new ch 15. Heightens the tension.

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