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Tony Duggan was born in Liverpool, England in 1970. He has lived in Bristol, Birmingham, Leeds, and London, and has worked as a record store manager, as a bookseller, and in theatre management. He holds a BA from Goldsmiths College, London, and an MA from the University of Leeds.

Having recently relocated to Australia, he now works for the University of Adelaide. 'They Watched the Stars' is his second full-length novel manuscript.

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Tony's favourite books include the novels of Will Self, Ayn Rand, Chuck Palahniuk, F Scott Fitzgerald, and Oscar Wilde. He also admires the work of Nick Cave, Darren Aronofsky, Gilles Deleuze, and Charlie Kaufman.

He takes his sartorial direction from Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen.

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They Watched the Stars

Tony Duggan

Two women; divided by centuries and continents, united by heartache. An impassioned critique of their societies, and a meditation on the risks of love itself.

They Watched the Stars is the story of two individual women sharing one emotional journey; women divided by centuries and continents but united by their heartaches and hopes.

England, 1860. Scabrous winter reigns. Elizabeth Blackwood, fiercely intelligent yet desperately lonely, wonders if she will ever escape the dominance of her father and the claustrophobia of Victorian society. Moreover, the freedom that she dreams of seems to be located in an impossibly distant land: Australia.

Melbourne, 2010. Summer’s cloying grip descends. Liz Van Buren is also despondent. Sidelined by her rich, indifferent husband and exhausted by competitive motherhood, Liz’s patience - with her marriage, her country, and her whole so-called privileged life – has finally run out. She too longs for solace in the sophistication of a far-away Europe that she has never seen.

A witty, complex, sometimes cruel but overall impassioned analysis of the morals and politics that are holding these women back, this novel combines historical romance, contemporary relationships, and biting cultural critique.

But above all, it considers the risks of pursuing at all costs that most elusive of apparent solutions: true love.


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I wrote 1094 days ago

John, Just a very quick note: I am also a guy trying to write a historical novel featuring strong female characters. A challenge in several respects I feel, and your excellent book stands as a 'how to' guide. Fantastic work; I hope it stays at the top. Best wishes, Tony view book

I wrote 1095 days ago

Hi Ellise, Love it, love it, love it! And what great detail too - I know, because my novel is set in a similar environment in 1860 as well (although I've contrasted it with a modern woman's story too, which wasn't easy) Anyway, I'll be back to comment more but well done and keep going. Great... view book

I wrote 1095 days ago

Hi GJ, Excellent stuff - I love your detail, your persistence, your characters. I'll provide more comment when I get time to read more but for the moment I am happy to back you based on even the first page! Well done! Tony view book

I wrote 1223 days ago

Hi there Joy, Firstly, many thanks for the backing of my book! A nice surprise. I have just started reading yours and it made me chuckle indeed. The characters are well drawn and I like the dialogue, because I have had some criticisms of mine that there is not enough talking in it and yours i... view book

I wrote 1238 days ago

Dear Carla, Firstly, I love your writing. 5 stars given already, and I will back it in the next few days when I have read some more of it. And I was also very interested to read the comments that people have made on your work. It seems that other historical fiction writers just 'get it' immed... view book

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