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Outside of Forever: Mackerel S....

Joel Sebastian Moody

"Outside of Forever" tells the story of a woman trapped outside of the normal boundaries of time and history. She jumps from soul to soul.

Jonathan Amadon is not aware that he is possessed. But, all of a sudden, he has become a prolific writer. He is guided by a peculiar "voice" that rides sidecar on his every thought. This is story that he must tell, but he does not know why.

"Outside of Forever" tells the story of a woman trapped outside of the normal boundaries of time and history. You will know her as ROY.

The story begins in our near future, as California devolves into a closed society. It quickly jumps a century ahead to the nation of Ehido, where important events in her existence took place. The main character, ROY-- Jonathan's muse-- has inhabited his body in order to tell her story, once and for all. She hopes to leave a record of her existence before she forgets it, or before she disappears.

Her life experience has spanned millennia, only to arrive back where she started. She must try to find out why. She must try to understand her effect on the course of human history.

This is a story of possibility-- a travelogue of the endless varieties of experience open to the human mind.


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Hullo there. I'm still a reader on Authonomy scouting for new authors....

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Hi Joel, Help ‘A Killer’s Kind’ stay on the desk.... In Grants Pas....

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I wrote 1304 days ago

I like your writing style. The protagonist's character comes out in full relief, with a good mix of dialogue and exposition. Details come out in a natural way. It's not forced. Happily backed :) view book

I wrote 1310 days ago

It's a bit late to suggest this, but I couldn't help but notice that the pitch is in 1st person while the book is in 3rd person. There's a certain power in the pitch that you could recapture in the book by writing it in 1st person (but you're probably too far down that road to consider doing all... view book

I wrote 1310 days ago

There's something disturbing and ominous in these first two chapters, and I'm not sure I like where it's going, but I do like the character of Glory (her impulsiveness and fantastical escapist streak) and I'm rooting for her to make it, some way or another. I'll come back to read more. view book

I wrote 1643 days ago

I'm on Ch. 3 and I really like all the strong female characters. The language in Chapter 1 seems a bit overwrought and the wording could cause the reader to miss some important details (like that its a dream or premonition of death, not an actual occurrence). Some work at smoothing out the p... view book

I wrote 1643 days ago

You're on my WL and I have definitely read the first chapter, but I'll give it another go today. Sorry for the wait! view book

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